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If you pay close attention, you might spot that a lot of YouTube stars who become famous a few years ago, are in fact still running the site. Those same people have collected millions of subscribers and are not going to go anywhere, anytime soon. Why would you give up on that money that can be earned from posting videos?

YouTube offers some really great opportunities for creative people, just like it does for businesses. Are you a business? Looking to reach new audience? And you are capable of producing something of quality, like a video? Then YouTube is your place to go for promoting your business.

It’s not all about getting the video online and hoping it will somehow convert itself, there is a little bit of work involved, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. A simple guide to 5 steps that should improve the amount of views you are able to generate for your videos.

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YouTube Videos: 5 Tips for Promoting

Remember to take your time and let those views come naturally.

Social Media

Start by connecting your social media accounts with your YouTube account. Whenever you upload an video, make sure to notify your followers on other social media sites. It’s a simple and logical thing to do.

e-Mail Marketing

You probably have an list of subscribers in your email list. Once you have a new video uploaded, send out an email letting them know. In case you don’t own an email list, it’s possible to find people who will email your video out to their list. It’s legal and very profitable.

Blog It

You probably have already. Remember to blog about your newly created video, giving some background information about it and what the users will gain from watching it.

YouTube Ads

If you have got the money to spend, think about utilizing the Google AdWords for Videos. You will be able to advertise your video on other YouTube videos and usually gain a lot of views very quickly. Do some research first though, on how good such campaigns convert for example.


All of this is going to work only if your video is truly of value. Everyone can create videos but only few make something worth watching. Don’t be afraid to advertise your videos to people locally or even submitting them to journalists on other news outlets. It won’t hurt to try and you can only benefit.

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