WordPress Social Network Manual


Step 1. Download the latest version of our Plugin from our dropdown menu.

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Step 2: Activate Plugin.

Step 3. Configure settings:

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Step 4. To add Google Search, head over here: https://www.google.com/cse/all and configure. (Takes 2 minutes). Then add it in vBSocial Settings.

Using Disqus Comment System?

Your almost done, only do this if your using Disqus comment system. Most of it sets up automatically, but you have to do this:

Go into phpmyadmin and add the trigger to wp_comments table, See image as follows:


IF (INSTR(new.comment_agent, 'Disqus'))
insert into wp_livenotifications (userid,userid_subj,content_type,content_id,parent_id,content_text,is_read,time,username)
values ((select post_author from wp_posts where ID=new.comment_post_ID),new.user_id,'comment',new.comment_ID,new.comment_post_ID,(select post_title from wp_posts where ID=new.comment_post_ID),'0',UNIX_TIMESTAMP(),new.comment_author);

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