Did you know that the best cms slider for vBulletin 4 and vBulletin 5 happens to be vBSocial Slider 5.0. The vBulletin slider brings out the best in vBulletin 4 and 5 by pushing out features that sites like Yahoo.com claim to love and have.

Some of the great things that make this the best vBulletin CMS Slider are:

  • Multiple RSS Feed driven, so you can pull external content to vBulletin
  • Pull content from forums
  • Allow for unlimited slides
  • Pull from forum IDs
  • Image bank technology where you can match words with images
  • vBSocial Slider works on CMS, vBAdvanced CMPS, and also provides related links for every slide – GREAT FOR SEO

We mainly decided to write this post because one of our customers pushed us to, see what he has to say about all the types of sliders, and how he chose vBSocial Slider:


Taken from Facebook:


Best vBulletin CMS Slider


We figure a picture from an actual person is the best type of user testamonial. Hope you guys love the slider. We plan on releasing a dark version of the vBulletin slider for dark themes as well. We understand that it is typically a white slider 🙂

Please note that our vBulletin 5 slider is still on its way, and will be released to all VIPs as soon as its’ ready.

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