Social Media is a direct line to be reckoned with in any business as it creates a direct line of communication the company and its consumers. It creates a platform which allows anyone with an internet connection to access the latest products and buzz around the services in an instant. Internet based social media not only makes it simple for people to interact and engage with each other, but also leads to several successful collaborations too. Brand presence can be built alongside with generating good revenue.

But social media endeavours can turn into a threat when not managed in the correct manner. Social media management solutions and strategies help manage inbound and outbound online interactions along with business marketing activities in a proficient fashion. The agenda of these strategies and tools is to streamline and consolidate how one participates in different conversations happening at different places like blogs and social networks like Facebook, twitter etc. These solutions also help you easily monitor what people are saying about your business, products and services by making the process of delivering your outgoing messages through multiple online social media outlets automated. They amplify your presence across the various social media sites and help integrate social networking activities with your marketing programs.

Vivid insight of Social Media Management

Social networking is practically word of mouth on adrenaline. In any venture it is of vital importance to tap into online conversations to have a better knowledge of not only your stance in the market, but also that of your competitors. When done right, they help you understand prospective of your businesses, current customer needs, generation of leads and increase visibility. Some of the tools that one can utilize themselves to manage their social media networks are listed below.

1. Hootsuite

Being the most popular social media management tool, hootsuite offers free professional enterprise solutions to manage unlimited social profiles thus enhancing analytic, advanced message scheduling, Facebook insights integration and Google analytics. It is a tool that enables execution of campaigns across various social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, etc. from one web based dashboard.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a simple and smart solution to schedule content across the various social media sites. It is a virtual queue that one can fill content in and stagger posting times any time, throughout the day. It basically provides you with the analytics of the reach of your posts and your engagement in them.


3. SocialBro

SocialBro is a tool specially designed for twitter that helps you quickly discover influences within the twitter community. It helps businesses to create better targets and engage with their audience better on twitter. It generates a report showing optimal time to tweet by analysing the timeline of your followers. It is a powerful tool which helps reach out to a maximum number of followers and hence receive more retweets and replies.

4. Post Planner

Post Planner being exclusively designed for Facebook helps you triple your engagement in just mere ten minutes a day by scheduling posts to your pages and groups. It helps save time, delivers content right to your app and helps skyrocket your reach by posting high quality status updates consistently.

5. Spout Social

Sprout Social is similar to hootsuite and is a social media dashboard that enhances management of multiple social media networks. Being built with a clean interface and user friendly dashboard, it connects yours Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn along with Google+ accounts. Sprout Social paves the way for successful and fruitful social media management.

6. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is the most popular provider of social media analytics tools, metrics and statistics for sites like Facebook, twitter and Google plus. It helps you benchmark analytics against top brands, locally, internationally and by industry. Its only limitation is that users can’t remove their account from monitoring without contacting SocialBakers.

7. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a revolutionary person based business analytics platform designed for your whole team. It ties a business’s data to real people which in turn helps improvise funnels. A skilled developer is required to set up the entire operation.

8. SimplyMeasured

Simply Measured’s supreme social media analysis renders provides in-depth measurement and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, and many more. All plans include unlimited user accounts, scheduled reports, data storage and customizable report themes. The issue of refunds including the monthly prepaid fee is not applicable.

9. Blitzmetrics

Blitzmetrics is again a platform which provides various analytic tools to connect different social networking sites. It is designed only for businesses generating atleast $250,000 revenue yearly and helps connect Facebook ads to real world ROI.

10. Google Analytics

Google analytics provides a plethora of information, but in a rather daunting and complicated fashion. It mainly provides real time reporting and in depth website analytics. Its only down side is that the dashboard is complicated to use and might require prior training.

11. Woobox

Woobox provides you with 18 different and unique types of marketing apps to grow your fan base and amplify your marketing scheme. It can help you turn our social media page into the most powerful business tool.

12. Rafflecopter

This tool provides you with unlimited giveaway promotions and sweepstakes across your website. It is the most facile and fastest way to run a giveaway online, with the only disadvantage of not being able to run more than one giveaway simultaneously on each individual facebook page.

13. Tabsite

Tabsite is a drag and build a system where each account works on a single fan or place page. Tabsite helps businesses and endeavours grow more leads and engage their community with the promotion of apps on Facebook, mobiles and web.

14. EasyPromos

It is the most extensive tool to create contests and provides full multi-language support. It initiates attraction of new fans and strengthens the loyalty of the old ones. It does not, however, refund a payment that has already been made.

15. Offerpop

Offerpop is a tool which caters to the top five social networks by presenting a wide range of 19 different products. The pricing though is based exclusively on the number of followers and not the desired features.

16. Shortstack

Shortstack is a tool designed for social landing pages that enables the users to create custom enterprise level landing pages without the enterprise pricing. The advanced customization problems may be difficult for users to handle, but it is nonetheless an efficient tool.


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