So you want to build a website, but your not sure whether to use vBulletin or WordPress. We recently were posed this question via Facebook:

The customer:

If I haven’t started anything forum wise… is it best to use WordPress or vBulletin as a platform?

In my line of work … I am trying to figure out if a forum would be beneficial to me in the first place. Facebook presence and Google+ as well as other social sites, seems to be what people gravitate to for interaction.

Once I find out if a forum will be beneficial to me… then I can of course purchase your product. Your Udemy education presentation
has been interesting so far. I haven’t gotten past your 3rd module as until I meet the criteria you presented I have stopped to give myself time to think of a forums usefulness to me.”

Funny thing is, we’ve been getting this type of question often a lot. And as we typed our response, it seemed to go back and forth, as to which is the better.

Our response:

Viral Content

Hey there,

Interesting question. True everyone is gravitating towards WordPress for its’ simplicity.. over 23% of the web is now powered by WP. 

The thing is, its all about preference. Forums allow for better content creation between users, where as blogs allow for better content creation for admins, and their blog writers.

Now with vBSocial software, the line is starting to get foggy, as our plugins for WP are allowing for user-content creation with wordpress sites. I haven’t seen to many “great” plugins do this. 

Fact remains, vBulletin still allows for fast content creation and interaction between its’ users. Integrations between WP and vB still tend to be shaky as both platforms keep changing, affecting existing bridges.

I love both vBulletin as a forum platform, and wordpress as a content cms platform. Both are extremely powerful. We use our main forum as a support channel, which wordpress still doesn’t provide an easy place to support our customers, we look to vBulletin.

Lastly, the great thing about forums is, once you get them started, the community keeps them going ~ snowball affect.

Wordpress has a huge library for plugins, and very solid fundamental operating system that powers websites. Its’ easy to use, and adding a plugin on WordPress is 100x easier than adding a plugin on vBulletin.

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