Current Version Out:
vBulletin 4: 4.2.2
vBulletin 5: 5.1.0 Alpha 6
WordPress: 3.8

WordPress to vBulletin Bridge Updated – 12.3.2013
Issue: /home1/admin80/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-vb/db_sync/models/DbSyncModel.php on line 48

vBSocial 9.0 Manual Created – 12.3.2013…9-x-manual-vb4

vBSocial Third Party Notifications for 9.0 List – 12.11.2013…-Notifications

WordPress Social Network v9.12 – 12.12.2013
Design and functionality patch -Long usernames, misalignments, login-dropdowns, font size adjustments, improved dropdown sliding, icon alignments, jquery affect

vBSocial Scheduler 12.16.2013 – WordPress Plugin
Mass schedule images and posts to post onto Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Can also auto-post new posts created to Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. No matter what platform your site uses, this plugin focuses more on being the social media manager that you always needed for managing dozens of social media pages.

vBSEO is officially dead. 12.13.2013…rations.43684/

vBSocial Monitoring 12.20.2013 – WordPress Plugin
Monitor and get alerts when files are being added, deleted, or modified on your server in real time 24/7 to your email(s)

Visia Theme – vB5 Theme – Updated to compatibility vBulletin 5.1.0 Alpha 6 – 12.21.2013

WordPress Social Network Lite Released – 9.12 Released 12.22.2013

Green SEO Theme – vB4 – Updated – 12.24.2013
Compatibile to 4.2.2 +

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