We’ve tried everything. We know what the best and worst mods are for SEO. Don’t waste your money on some, whereas others, are well worth the investment.

Finally a good insight into to improve you vBulletin SEO with these modifications. Furthermore we’ve tweaked them, and we’ll tell you how. There will be some nice surprises here and deep analysis into what works, and what doesn’t!

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Best  SEO Modifications for vBulletin

  1. vBSEO – a product developed to boost overall SEO effectiveness.

Overall thoughts:

vBSEO’s three most effective jobs is

  • Converts your permalinks from website.com/This-Is-How-You-Do-It to website.com/This-Is-How-You-Do-It to.html. Why is this good? .html’s index faster and better than dynamic links, because .HTML’s appear static to google.
  • Linkbacks – I find this an awesome feature. It tells you who is linking to specific pages. Furthermore, you can add or reject them
  • Sitemaps – Automatic creation and features of their sitemap are great. Better than most platforms out there.


#2. vBSocial Slider – a dynamic slider that improves both deeplinking and new content on home page

  • Yep yep, brought to you by your one and only. If you are a VIP member, then you  most likely have this mod installed and your onto a good start

vBSocial SEO’s most effective jobs:

  • Impresses guests in their first 7 seconds. Makes your site look professional.
  • Drives traffic and google bots deep into your pages.
  • Text displayed on slider is readable by google bots and other search engine bots.

vBSocial SEO Links – Adds Relevant SEO links to all your threads

#3  Word Links (Turn words into links) by BOP5 – turns specific words in to links and you get to choose them

  • Has the ability to turn an unlimited number of words into links.
  • Ability to accept case sensitive words or not. If “Yes” will only match words of exactly the same case as your keywords. If “No” words will be linked regardless of case. (Recommended value: No)
  • Ability to allow multiple words. Choose the maximum number of links per keyword per post. 0 is unlimited. If you set a number other than zero, say 2, then only the first 2 instances of the keyword in any post will become links.
  • Ability to Use “nofollow” in Links
  • Ability Open Links in New Window/Tab

#4 vB4 SuperCharged – Optimises CSS, Javascript and HTML

  • CSS Optiser – mimizes your css files and servers css directly
  • Javascript Optimizer – minimizes javascript loading
  • Html optimizer – adds whitespace removal
  • Attachment Optimizer – Intended for FASTCGI users

Basically you can link all your main keywords to a very solid page about your keyword throughout your page. Awesome.

Number of Days Registered to Post Links – You will be able to set a minimum number of how many days the users have been registered at your forum in order for them to post links.

  • Your probably wondering, hows this related to SEO? Bots spam your website and bypass Captcha these days. But they can’t bypass this. A bot needs to be sophisticated enough to return after x # of days to post their spammy links, and this modification blocks it.
  • Allowing bots to post links will decrease the value of your site or get it banned. Really bad for SEO. This prevents that.
  • This mod rocks.

Not so good Plug-ins for SEO

#1 FUZZY SEO Booster – increase long tail search traffic AUTOMATICALLY!

  • They sneak a link to their website when the modification is suppose to boost links
  • Unsupported
  • Reports of a lot of angry people

#2 vbStopForumSpam

  • This doesn’t stop all the forum spam, but it does stop some. The reason why this is bad for SEO is because it blocks REAL users some of the time. I recieved emails of people being blocked from registration and THAT is BAD. People who register are your content creators. And as far as SEO goes, CONTENT IS KING!




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