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vBulletin 4 Mods

Drag and Drop Image Uploading
Allow your users drag and drop image(s) while posting.
vBSocial Modern Forums (Plugin)
Faster page loading, Infinite Scrolling, Ajax Loading, Better Content Navigation
vBSocial Dogecoin
Allow users to give each other Dogecoins or Digital Currency, for creating good content. Free
Fake Stats

Packed with all the bells and whistles, this Fake Stats plugin is the best.

Only $25
Header and Footer
Keep all your header and footer scripts like Google Analytics in one place.
Easy Registration
Significantly increase your registration conversion rate with this elegant call-out.
Wordpress vBulletin Bridge
The best bridge for vBulletin and Wordpress. Connect user accounts, and more.
vBSocial LifeStream
Combine all social feeds and RSS feeds into one widget.
Copyright Removal
Allows you to remove a copyright on a Mod or theme
Sidekick Slider
A powerful, New York Times-like modification for vBulletin 4
vBSocial Memberlist
The best memberlist, featuring fast loading times, and sleek, modern interface. Inspired by Facebook
Sync vBulletin to Facebook Groups
Spoil your VIP’s with another exclusive benefit! Or give your moderators, supergroups a communication channel connected to Facebook.
vBSocial Ad Revenue Share 2.0
Increase user activity by giving them an incentive to create threads.
vBSocial View
Ever have a 30 page thread? Know who's still involved in the conversation. This plugin will show who viewed your post per post.
vBSocial SEO Links
A small, but smart plugin, that adds related links to each post making all your content more relevant and connected.
vBSocial Slider
Powerful visual Slider similar to's, that will keep visitors wanting to come back for more. Can use RSS, Forums, or CMS to pull data.
vBSocial Wall
Powerful clean, wall, similar to Facebook, for your forum. Allows integration for sidebar blocks, cms blocks and activity feed.
vBulletin Social Network
Our Flagship Plugin! The #1 Notification Modification for vBulletin that will drive activity up, and improve user navigation.

vBulletin 4 Themes

Copyright Removal
Allows you to remove a copyright on a Mod or theme
How to Install a Theme
A complete guide to installing our themes.
New York Times Bundle
Designed with a white, New York Times Paper feel too it. Great for Newspaper sites.
Resetto Theme
A very professional blue and light yellow theme. Tweaked to perfection.
Pixel Premium Ultimate
Sleek, transparent, clean looking themes for darker sites.
Pixel Platinum
A second series of futuristic transparent themes with different backgrounds and shading
J-Car Theme
A silvery theme initially designed for cars, but can be used on all types of forums!
Gorillas Theme
A forestry, grean and brown, fixed width nature theme.
Go Green Theme
As the name goes, this is a "Going green" promotion theme, go green! Cheers
A green, tech friendly, based clean theme.
vBSocial Main Theme
The Official vBSocial Theme on our Forums

vBulletin 4 Services

Rank at the Top of Google
Learn the secrets how we rank so well in Google. Only $59
1 Million Real Youtube Views
Get 1 million real Youtube Views on a youtube video of your choice in 4 weeks.
10,000 New Threads
Add 10,000 New Threads to your forum
5,000 New Threads
Increase the content of your vBulletin site with 5,000 new threads.
2000 New Threads
Increase the content of your site with 2000 new forum threads.
On-Site Services
Pay by the hour, quick and easy.
vB5 to vB4 Downgrade
Downgrade from vB5 to vB4 with this custom package.

vBulletin 4 Tutorials and HD Videos

Rank at the Top of Google
Learn the secrets how we rank so well in Google. Only $59
vBulletin Tips
The best vBulletin Tips, tricks and secrets. Updated weekly.
vBSocial Blog
Our blog on vBulletin, SEO, and vBSocial.
HD Video Course
A 2 hour + High Definition course on building successful forums using vBulletin.
How to Get 20,000 Active Members in 2 Years
This guide, is perhaps worth the VIP alone. It provides significant insight, secrets and strategy to building a massive forum.
Securing vBulletin – What you need to know
There are many vulnerabilities about vBulletin.  Waking up in the morning and finding your site defaced or...
Secrets to Adsense for Forums
One of the biggest reasons forums fail is because the founders didn’t plan to monetize it or were ill-informed on how to do it the right way.
How to Seperate Yourself From Other “Forums”
There are perhaps millions of forums out there on practically every subject. Some do awesome, others are average, and then there are those empty forums that never had the chance to breathe light.
How Become a Page Rank 5 in 2 Years
There are black hat SEO tricks, and there are also white hat SEO tricks. This is pure White Hat SEO.
Super Quick Registration
Registration is a known tedious process, and I believe vBulletin makes it very hectic for the average guest to register at your forum.
Make WordPress Threads Look like WordPress Articles
Bulletin is a great piece of software. However, there are many flaws with it. I truly think that forums should have the same beauty that WordPress Blogs have, yet ...
Improved Recent Activity Widget
Want your site to look like a massive Entertainment Website like We'll show you how its' done, step by step.
Improved CMS Look
Make your vBulletin CMS look a lot cleaner by removing unnecessary padding, and lines that make your site look more congested.
Add Facebook Like To Header
Facebook on each post is great. But what if your trying to build a very large Facebook Fan Page with thousands, to millions of likes.

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About vBulletin 4:
vBulletin 4 began development on August 4th, 2008 by Kier Darby which featured a major overhaul in search performance, SEO features, a new CMS, a widget system, and many other new features. it was eventually released on December 21, 2009.

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