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Copyright Removal
Allows you to remove a copyright on a vBSocial.com Mod or theme
vBSocial Slider
Powerful visual Slider similar to Yahoo.com's, that will keep visitors wanting to come back for more. Can use RSS, Forums, or CMS to pull data.
vBulletin Social Network
Our Flagship Plugin! The #1 Notification Modification for vBulletin that will drive activity up, and improve user navigation.

vBulletin 3 Themes

Copyright Removal
Allows you to remove a copyright on a vBSocial.com Mod or theme
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

How to Install a vBSocial.com Theme
A complete guide to installing our themes.
Rank at the Top of Google
Learn the secrets how we rank so well in Google. Only $59
vBulletin Tips
The best vBulletin Tips, tricks and secrets. Updated weekly.
vBSocial Blog
Our blog on vBulletin, SEO, and vBSocial.
HD Video Course
A 2 hour + High Definition course on building successful forums using vBulletin.
How to Get 20,000 Active Members in 2 Years
This guide, is perhaps worth the VIP alone. It provides significant insight, secrets and strategy to building a massive forum.
Securing vBulletin – What you need to know
There are many vulnerabilities about vBulletin.  Waking up in the morning and finding your site defaced or...
Secrets to Adsense for Forums
One of the biggest reasons forums fail is because the founders didn’t plan to monetize it or were ill-informed on how to do it the right way.
How to Seperate Yourself From Other “Forums”
There are perhaps millions of forums out there on practically every subject. Some do awesome, others are average, and then there are those empty forums that never had the chance to breathe light.
How Become a Page Rank 5 in 2 Years
There are black hat SEO tricks, and there are also white hat SEO tricks. This is pure White Hat SEO.
Super Quick Registration
Registration is a known tedious process, and I believe vBulletin makes it very hectic for the average guest to register at your forum.
Make WordPress Threads Look like WordPress Articles
Bulletin is a great piece of software. However, there are many flaws with it. I truly think that forums should have the same beauty that WordPress Blogs have, yet ...
Improved Recent Activity Widget
Want your site to look like a massive Entertainment Website like BuyPoe.com? We'll show you how its' done, step by step.
Improved CMS Look
Make your vBulletin CMS look a lot cleaner by removing unnecessary padding, and lines that make your site look more congested.
Add Facebook Like To Header
Facebook on each post is great. But what if your trying to build a very large Facebook Fan Page with thousands, to millions of likes.

vBulletin 3 Tutorials and HD Videos

Wordpress Sidebar
Real-Time Sitewide Activity in a Global Sidebar inspired by Facebook, for Wordpress.
BuddyPress Social Network
The #1 BuddyPress Plugin that drives activity, registrations and users up. BuddyPress is a forum platform by Automattic
vBSocial Pages
Boost content creation by allowing your users to create social pages on your Wordpress site.
Wordpress Social Network
The #1 Wordpress Plugin that drives activity, registrations and users up. Wordpress is a blogging platform by Automattic.

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About vBulletin 3:
vBulletin 3 began development in 2002 by John Percival and James E. Limm. It was finally released on March, 19th, 2004. Eventually it became a complete rewrite of vBulletin 2, and the programming was updated to XHTML and CSS. In addition WYSIWYG was first integrated into this version, along with paid subscriptions, and multiple languages using phrases. The latest release is 3.8.7, a maintenance release that occurred on February 28th, 2011.

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