vBSocial Wall 2.X

The Ultimate Experience for Profiles and Groups for vBulletin 4

Profiles Become Walls

Bring Facebook Like Functionality and addiction to your forum

Usergroups Become Like Facebook Pages

View Only Statuses That Matter

View statuses by friends, following, related, or all!

More Than Meets the Eye!

Social Icons appear for every status, upon mouse hover

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VIPs enjoy all our modifications

vBSocial Dogecoin
Allow users to give each other Dogecoins or Digital Currency, for creating good content. Free
Fake Stats

Packed with all the bells and whistles, this Fake Stats plugin is the best.

Only $25
Header and Footer
Keep all your header and footer scripts like Google Analytics in one place.
vBSocial LifeStream
Combine all social feeds and RSS feeds into one widget.