vBSocial 10 brings the power back to forums. 

We did it before with the Facebook Groups to vBulletin Forums Plugin, where your FB Groups automatically send their data to your forums as threads.

This time, vBSocial 10, gives you the social atmosphere to compete with the likes of Facebook, Google +.

…Come to think of it, it sure beats the system in place that powers Myspace.

As promised before, this email is to tell you how easy it is (and how to) customize vBSocial 10 to your site. At its core, there is a powerful bootstrap, allowing you to rearrange every component from dropdowns:

To adding call to action buttons very easily:

and navigation links to get rid of that existing old navbar:

You don’t need to know how to code. You just need to know how to copy our snippets, and change the words to what you want. Check out how easy the vBSocial 10 Manual is.

Thats all for now.

In the next email I’ll be introducing a powerful WordPress Plugin that turns every photo on your wordpress site into a monetizable, referable product, so you can earn add additional revenue streams to your site….without having to do any work.

David Ahmad
Founder of vBSocial.com

P.S I didn’t forget about the vBulletin 5 owners. A vB5 version of vBSocial 10 will be available in August stay tuned.

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