Talking of a world wherein social media rules people, branding plays a vital role in this era of globalisation. With branding becoming increasingly necessary for the education sector, especially in the field of management and marketing to fulfil business needs. International companies are in search of business brands that not just serve locally but have also been recognised on a worldwide basis. At the grass root level, social media has the capability to facilitate social gestures and what was used a decade before for social networking is now been restructured to provide us marketing, personal branding and customer service facilities.

One surely has a variety of experiences, interests, specialities and achievements that outnumbers them from the rest and using this ability for personal branding is no harm. It in a way actually helps to express the thoughts and differences through our own personal experiences.  However, personal branding is not as easy as it seems. One has to face a lot of challenges in the beginning. Probably due to the chaotic speed involved at the time of sharing or the massive volume of content published each day. Thus, one needs to be well aware of all the possibilities for working out to create their own online brand so that the odds against the error is just reduced to minimal.

Various Social media options

Surfeits of social media platforms help you best demonstrate your knowledge, experiences and goals to generate a potential view for your personal brand. We bring to you a few of these social sites so that you are well aware of the role of these social media in contributing positively towards your goals.

Using social media for your personal branding

  • Facebook

With more than 850 million users in its kitty, Facebook continues to be most favourite pick of people when it comes to personal branding.  For a good personal branding, make sure the pictures you post on your Facebook timeline are upto the mark. Why we say so, is because a prospective employer will only review or access the client based on what they get to see on Facebook.  Also, a good personal brand means that your work experience and qualification are updated from time to time. To outshine other candidates, try adding milestones and achievements to your profile that sets your image apart. Sometimes, even if your profile settings have been made private yet your content appears publicly. Make sure you have ruled out all the possibility of any such glitches by customizing your settings to hide all unfavourable content.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as a powerful branding tool and has nearly 150 million users.  Your LinkedIn profile is often the same as your resume and is mostly screened by employers to gain access to a candidate’s work history, educational qualification, recommendations and endorsements. A business oriented cum social networking sites shows where you actually stand as a professional.  It helps users to connect to various companies or groups and thus one can look up for jobs directly through LinkedIn.  It ensures a strong professional brand is set up by connecting users to build strong network.

  • Twitter

As many as 150 million users follow Twitter each day to post updates on this micro blogging websites for the world to see and follow. While Facebook follows strict policy of keeping your profile on to your friends and family, Twitter has no such obligations. You can connect with anyone even if it means you don’t know them. Twitter in a way keeps you well aware about the latest developments in industry, career, jobs and a plenty of other fields.

  • Google+

Quite underutilized, Google+ is a step backward and has only 100 million users. Through Google+ one can regulate any source of information by creating what is called a ‘circle’. Make your mind before posting anything as everything you post here is made public. Google+ comes with a profile for its users where in you can post content about yourself for others to know.

  • Klout

Quite recent ones like Klout add effectiveness to your personal branding skills. As many as 100 million users follow Klout to gauge their social media knowledge. One gets marked on the basis of a score which tells how influential have you been. Tells about areas where you lack or areas where you have scored the most.

  • About. Me

With just 1 million followers, about. Me is still emerging from the social circuits. It helps you create your own landing page. It provides the feature to add widgets to various social media outlets you like along with web presences. Very easy to format and doesn’t require coding at all. It provides a perfect homepage for your business cards. You can write your own blurb by simply dragging through the background and picking up the right colour scheme.



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