Top 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins to Generate Traffic

WordPress by default, comes integrated with next to no SEO functionality, other than what developers thought good practice. It isn’t always about the advanced methods of building and generating solid website traffic, we often overlook the simplest of things in exchange for time consuming practices. I’d like to present to you, 5 simple WordPress plugins are are a must-have for any blog, any blog who wants to generate traffic.

Google likes to keep things professional, and one way of doing that is by disallowing “random” websites to rank in the search engine results. Instead, you need to “prove” yourself to be worthy of the organic search traffic that Google provides. This is where the WordPress plugins for generating more traffic come in.

While none of these plugins are going to generate website links for you – they will make sure that you are following the latest search standards, something that spammer websites don’t – as they are too busy spamming!

vBSocial Scheduler

The one plugin that will definitely make a change and impact your seo results is going to be the batch image uploading plugin from yours truly. With this plugin only you are going to remove a lot of headaches from your strategies. Take a look at the original link to find out more. Let’s continue with our list of WordPress plugins to generate traffic.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast has been around for ages, and so has his SEO plugin. It took some time for the plugin to take-off properly and become a standard for any webmaster, but after a lot of trial and error – it finally did it. It is now proudly advertised as one of the best SEO plugins in the world, a title that many people dream of having.

Google XML Sitemap

Amazing plugin for generating and organizing your sitemaps. You should remember that Google takes sitemaps very seriously, and not having one might indicate that you are in fact a spammer, or someone who doesn’t take SEO seriously, so you wont be given priority in the search results. Install this plugin straight away if you haven’t done so already.

Automatic SEO Links

This magnificent plugin will allow you to select any keyphrase from the plugin dashboard and make it link to any page you’d like. It can prove to be an amazing way of building internal and external links for specific keywords.


Social bookmarking is always important, so remember to install AddToAny or risk of being not found on among social networking sites. Learning to promote content on social media is an essential skill that any webmaster should learn, as soon as possible. AddToAny will seamlessly integrate an amazing bookmarking features with additional options available. (Like scrolling sharing bar, very popular.)

WP Polls

You might not think that polls have any value for SEO or traffic generation, but it’s actually the other way around. Polls let you “interview” your users and you can easily find out what people really like and dislike. This way you can focus on creating content that really converts and helps people with their current issues.

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