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BuddyPress is literally WordPress on steroids. In preparation of the new WordPress plugins that vBSocial is releasing this month, I thought it would be a good idea to share some social sharing plugins with you. The reason for social sharing was because two of all the new plugins are going to be related to social media.

The first one, BuddyPress social network which is going to be very similar to our WordPress social network plugin, which gives a wide range of integrated functions for making any blog or website into a social network.

And the second one is going to be a social sharing plugin that will change the way you share content with your community. You will be able to compare the quality of plugins when quoting this post.

Top 5 Free Social Sharing Plugins for BuddyPress

BuddyPress by itself is a pretty rad addition to the original WordPress installation. You can customize it in thousands of ways, for college campuses or school projects, whatever it is you need to do and have a social aspect to it – BuddyPress will sort it out.

Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Commenting and more!

Install this plugin to enable Social Login, Social Sharing, and Social Commenting on your WordPress site. It also captures users’ social profile data, store them in WP database and automatically creates profile. Based on the user data and activities, you also get a unique Social Analytics.

Simplified Social Sharing

Just install this FREE plugin to enable Social Sharing on your WordPress site. This plugin is also compatible with WordPress multisite. This is the same as the above plugin I listed, only simplified in case your resources are important to you.

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization

WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) is a fork of the excellent NGFB Open Graph+ plugin – it has all the same great features (Open Graph, Twitter Cards, 3rd party integration, etc.), but strives to be a little lighter and smaller by removing the social sharing buttons and their related features (shortcodes, widgets, stylesheets, javascript caching, url shortening, and url rewriting).


The plugin was designed to make managing and adding actionable social sharing buttons easier and more efficient. Instead of adding new meta keys like other plugins require, there is an additional panel in your posts admin that allows you to select which sharing buttons you want to display. This is to encourage people to choose more relevant sharing buttons for their posts. By only displaying the more relevant and socially successful posts, you create a form of social proof that might encourage more shares, comments and subscriptions.

BuddyPress Social

Bringing social engagement to Buddypress – let your community share to their hearts content all while promoting your website to social networks.

Buddypress Social adds Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email sharing buttons to all your community’s activity – from member updates, group activity to media uploads.

Buddypress Social fits right with just about any wordpress theme as the plugin picks up your themes standard colors and adjusts the social buttons accordingly, however you may override the colors with the color pickers in the admin settings.


vBSocial is always thinking a step ahead of the competition, so you can expect the best, from the best!

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