The up and coming year is a huge year for WordPress. Their developer base has grown by thousands, and the number of plugins for WordPress has reached over 50,000 plugins. This number doesn’t account for all the private plugins that are being developed by private entrepreneurs and businesses. Anyways, on-ward, with the top 10 plugins for WordPress in 2014!
1) WordPress Social Network – #1 Plugin for WordPress
The number one plugin for WordPress is WordPress Social Network, also known as WordPress Notifications by David Ahmad and The WordPress Social Network plugin gives every post more visibility to the authors by presenting them real time notifications whenever people post, quote, and reply on their articles. In addition it comes with a lot of additional features like an Envato-like network dropdown which you can use as a navigation tool, or even better, connect a network of sites.

The next version is slated to have an entire award system built into it, along with ajax popups similar to Facebook. In addition it will be re-designed from head to toe.

Preview of WordPress Social Network

#2 WordPress SEO by Yoast – The #2 plugin for WordPress

I absolutely love this plugin. It brings a powerful punch to Search Engine optimization and customization. The best part of this plugin is the ability to modify the focus keyword, the seo title, and the meta description exactly the way Google will see it, per page and per post. This is extremely helpful both to Google’s Search, and as well as making sure your content is the way you want it to be discovered. We use this on all our Worpress Installations.

#3 WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce – The #3 best plugin for WordPress in 2014

This plugin is epic. The best part is it comes free out of the box. Now thats’ pretty awesome, specially with the amount of functionality that you get. Out of the box, you can sell memberships, and products, on your WordPress site. In all its’ a pretty legit modification.

#4 W3 Total Cache

W3 cache goes in our top 10 list because it does so much for the speed of your wordpress site. Its’ free, and even better, it increases your web performance, which ultimately will improve SEO because SEO is partially based on speed.

#5 WPMU Membership  

This membership plugin allows you to serve customers membership plans and bill them on a monthly, yearly, or infinite cycle. Its pretty much bug free, and allows for coupons, different levels of membership and much more. Highly recommended.

#6 bbPress

Surprisingly, I believe that not every WordPress owner knows about bbPress. bbPress is a platform that adds onto WordPress, which allows for a Forum section. bbPress, in my opinion is very young, but extremely powerful and has tons of potential as WordPress has proven itself. bbPress has some catching up to do with vBulletin and other popular board softwares.

#7 Disqus – 7th best WordPress Plugin

Disqus is a pretty interesting WordPress plugin for that it quickly improves your WordPress Comment system into an ecosystem of comments. It integrates notifications and reply by email, as well as provides powerful moderation and spam controls.

#8 WordPress Download Manager

This is a pretty amazing plugin that we use here on vBSocial for all our downloads. It easily encrypts download locations, and allows for downloads to occur on our membership pages. Its’ built with a very simple and easy way to upload, and download files that you have on your WordPress site.

#9 Vaultpress – Vaultpress recently released a lite version in May of 2013 which allows for $5 backups of any sized WordPress site. The impressive side of it is it is powered by the same servers that run, and WordPress VIP sites. Its extremely easy to use and has one click backup restores in case your site ever gets hacked.

#10 WordPress to vBulletin Bridge

The best bridge to unite vBulletin and WordPress together! This seemlessly integrates WordPress and vBulletin tightly together including posts, avatars, log ins, and both platform sign-ins at one time.

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