Top 10 WordPress Gallery Plugins 2014

The default WordPress, integrated gallery function is pretty much non-existent. You have to depend on 3rd party plugins to have a photo gallery on your website. I don’t blame the developers though, as a gallery extension can be very code heavy and require additional team members, especially for a CMS the size of WordPress.

I myself, I always install a light-box plugin for my WordPress blogs, it just enhances the user experience – and that is what its all about: the user experience. The default image function in WordPress is simple file-upload function with the ability to link to the photo directly. Rubbish.

This is why I’m happy to present to you a list of 10 WordPress gallery plugins that will not only enhance the user experience, but also make the blog more appealing and organized.

vBSocial Gallery

The most powerful gallery for WordPress

If you’re on the lookout for a true gallery plugin, look no further than the vBSocial gallery plugin. It delivers one of a kind experience for the user by allowing you to switch between two very well known gallery themes: Facebook & Google+!

This gallery plugin is powered by features that no other gallery plugin can stand even close to. The team at vBSocial knew what the users want and it didn’t wait long to deliver the ultimate photo viewing experience to everyone. It’s much nicer to browse photos in a familiar environment.

The video will explain some of the features of the plugin, be sure to check out the official vBSocial Gallery plugin page for more information and ways of getting this plugin on your own blog.


This plugin, loved by thousands is a very simple gallery plugin for WordPress, with beginner friendly functionality. If you are looking for something that requires no knowledge of programming or any understanding of how galleries work, this extension is going to be the for you. The really nice thing about this plugin is the use of shortcodes.

Gallery Bank

Gallery bank is a lovely WordPress plugin that will give you the ability to create responsive galleries for photos, videos and albums. It’s a really neat plugin that is available in 25 different languages. There is a pro version available, which includes features like domain installation (standalone gallery), pagination and other minor changes.

WP e-Commerce Dynamic Gallery

You’re running an online store? You probably have got a lot of photos that you need to display to your customers. Look no further than here to find the best solution. This plugin was designed to work with the WooCommerce plugin to integrate a seamless gallery viewing experience for your users to enjoy. Is completely responsive with features like scrolling galleries. (vBSocial Gallery supports scrolling galleries as well.)

RPS Image Gallery

This plugin has been designed for professional use by professional photographers. It features an amazing interlinking function, as well as slideshow capabilities. It’s always the little things that make such plugins stand out, and this is no exception. This gallery plugin will allow you to set the image links for each image specifically, and reduce load time by loading things only when needed. (jQuery)

WP Easy Gallery

There are people who prefer complete simplicity, if you happen to be one of those people then this plugin is definitely for you. Easy gallery is like a lightbox, only it will allow you to create albums and browse multiple photos from one page. Nearly 200,000 webmasters use this plugin – so it’s fairly popular.

File Gallery

Want advanced options for managing your WordPress media attachments? This is the plugin to get. There are so many options that this plugin offers it would be impossible to list them all. The main function that stands out is the ability to organize everything by file types and their appropriate directories. Some people prefer organized folders.

Grand Flagallery – Photo Gallery Plugin

Very popular gallery plugin, nearly a million downloads. It has been designed to serve great purpose to anyone who is an photographer or is aspiring to be. Features like banner rotator, mp3 and video player really make this plugin stand out from the crowed. It’s completely SEO optimized and comes equipped with table, phone friendly functionality. (Responsive)

Google+ & Facebook Like WordPress Gallery

vBSocial team has really worked hard to bring you the best WordPress gallery plugin 2014, instead of trying to add fancy features and useless options – the focus was put on delivering an amazing user experience for anyone who views the photo albums from a site that is powered by this powerful plugin.

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