When you are at first getting started with your own Facebook page, it is likely that you would be telling people in and around your social circle to like your page for others to know about it. With social giant like Facebook not just being limited to socializing, it is also an effective platform to promote your business and services in the market by reaching out to the millions of customers who are already a part of Facebook.  However, coming up with your page will do you no good. It’s like creating your first impression on the customers in which a potential customer can make assumptions about your brand simply by scanning through your Facebook page.

Ask questions to get the conversation rolling

Getting fans to like and comment on your Facebook page can be an arduous and painful task. However, it can be even more painful to see your contemporise rise in business by boosting their fan page. Thus to make people go head over heels for your fan page you need to ask a lot of questions on your page. Remember, even the most successful Facebook page began from the scratch. And where they are today is because of their thriving efforts of getting their fans to comment on their page.

Tips to get instant likes and comments for your Facebook page

We bring to you 10 ways to generate comments for your fan page by asking more and more questions.

  • Begin with’ true or false’ type questions-

This type of question- answer works really well as fans have a higher chance of answering questions that are simple and do not require much of their time and effort. Perhaps, fans are more likely to answer your questions if they know that answering a question in true or false is all that is required.

  • Another one could be a ‘yes or no’ type question-

Ask yourself first. Are you more likely to answer a yes/no question or an edgy one answering which would mean requiring more of your attention and time?  Example: did you face any dilemma regarding the on-going election procedure?

  • Ask questions regarding any photo you put on your page-

Share a photo and urge your fans to drop a comment. For instance, put a photo on cruelty towards animals and ask “How do we stop this?”

  • Ask directly-

If your Facebook page is new, getting a quick response can be quite a job. In such cases, try seeking help from fans you know personally to comment on your posts. You can even personally thank them in each of your posts which would encourage them to comment on other new posts too. Mention their names also in the comments for them to know how much you appreciate their efforts. You’ll manage to generate a quick response if you would tell them that they’d offer insight to each conversation.

  • Ask those attending an event-

You can ask your fans to comment about an upcoming event.  Bonus points to those who share the link of your forthcoming Facebook event. Another way could be, you can ask responses from your fan about the experience at the event and ask them to share with your other fans too.

  • Fill in the blank questions-

Another alternative could be to ask fill in the blank type questions from your fans. This would require your fans to do less work and they are more willing to answer a question if they what is expected. For example, a question could be “The view of the mountains in the picture makes me feel____”

  • Ask tips from your fans-

This form of question answer would work well for organisations.  For example, ask tips from your fans about how to get your kids eat a healthy diet.

  • Ask fun and humorous questions-

Don’t hesitate to go off the track with your fans. Indulging in subtle humour would make your fans believe that you are just like them. For example, ask questions like “How was your day at the club?”

  • Indulge in a few personal questions-

Don’t falter to go offbeat by asking a few personal to your fans. Your questions could be like “How well do you bond with your family?”

  • A few edgy questions too-

Here you could bring up topics that are a national agenda or stir up a controversy. For instance, “Do you feel the smoking age should be changed to 25 from 21?”


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