Things to Consider Before Submitting Photos to Pinterest

Sharing photos has never been easier, any website you visit is going to present you with the magical “Pin It!” button. It’s only because Pinterest is such a great place to promote and gain traffic from. The small community it once was has grown into a fully grown and matured website that servers millions of users every month.

The fact of the matter is that you should take good care of your Pinterest account and the boards you use for sharing images, to increase the maximal potential and the best return of time invested.

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Things to Consider Before Submitting Photos to Pinterest

Now lets get back to our list of tips for things to consider when submitting pics to Pinterest.

What does it mean?

What does the picture say? Does it say something that is relevant to whatever it is you are trying to promote? Trying to promote real cars while showing pictures of toy cars might not be the best marketing idea, although it might very well work.


Make sure the photo you are trying to submit in no way is offensive or badmouthing another business. Pinterest itself has a set of guidelines you should be following, but also consider using common sense when sharing photos.

Tell a Story

Don’t just put random pictures up, create and publish pictures that tell stories and engage with people emotionally. It’s an important factor if you really want to reach an audience that will be willing to follow you.

Keep it Balanced

Post a variety of pictures, meaning create a variety of Pinterest boards. Don’t just focus on one specific board at a time, as a person you probably don’t like when the same thing is repeating again and again. Keep your pictures in balance and provide a variety of content, funny, emotional, serious…anything that will maximize the potential of someone liking what you share.

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