Day after day, gazillion numbers of social networking websites are competing against each other, just to catch people’s eye.  The same applies to the travel industry as well.  With most travel websites being impulse driven, their area of interest lies in generating extensive revenue from their traffic on these social media platforms.

While on a trip, many people love sharing their experiences with friends on a social platform can be very intriguing. Posting snapshots and videos of places, food, etc while travelling have all gone the social way in today’s world. People too are not willing to give up their social skills, but anything other than that. Perhaps, a little over 40% of the people are hooked to their social networking profiles, just to share a diversity of experiences that they have come across.

Rising trend in travel industry

Among the number of travel websites that one can think off, their revenue model is often incorporated with booking fares, affiliated links or destination hotels to their travel website.  They chiefly provide a forum for the users to plan a tour, interact, rate a place and finally settle for an amazing plan for the holidays.  In this manner, the social media platforms also make a commission out of every sale that is made through them. However, this approach has not shaped much yet, with as many as 72% of the travel brands still not keen on any sort of social sharing.

Stay Connected Through Social Media Platforms While Travelling

The trend is gaining speeds at a fast pace and many start-ups are now coming up with their own travel website with a format as absorbing as Facebook or Twitter. As users, in order to reap all the benefits out of these websites, one must be willing to befriend even the strangers who share their experiences, good or bad, through such a medium.  These travel websites fulfil another purpose. They help the travellers in living up to their expectations from a destination even before they set their course for it. For budget travellers, they provide a list of all the budget hotels in advance, so that they do not face any money constraints later while travelling.

Travel brands going social

There has been a mammoth increase in the travel industry over the course of last few decades and ever since then, the trend has been escalating at a fast pace. A small, yet detailed survey was conducted to see how the travel industry has shaped dimensions in the past few years. The excerpts from the study have been presented below.

  • At the time of booking a travel, as many as 22 travel websites are visited by the travellers, so that they are assured the best return out of their investment into them.
  • When it comes to Smartphone users, only a mere 16% of them use their mobiles to plan a travel and out of which, less than 3% book accommodations using their phones.
  • Most of the travel based applications are a huge hit among the travellers. Nearly 50% of hotels and restaurant bookings are made through these apps.
  • Amazingly it was also found that a site with reviews has much more number of people visiting it than the one that doesn’t have a remarkable footfall of visitors. In fact, reviews tend to increase a users’ time on a website by 50 to 60%.
  • Just like hotel booking, booking a cruise also seems to be in fashion with as many as 9% taking to the websites.
  • Check-ins has always seemed intriguing to the travellers with their chances of catching up with some acquaintance at the same place.  In fact, a whopping 70% of the travellers love to check-in while travelling to a hotel or restaurant of their choice.
  • However, notifications through emails happen to be the reason for few to book a travel tour.
  • The dedication of individuals towards social media is such that if YouTube were to be a country, then it would be the third most inhabited in the whole world.

Amazingly, the pattern of booking for desktop and mobile users was quite surprising to everyone. With the highest number of booking made by mobile users on Friday, desktop users preferred to plan a travel while on a Monday morning.

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