Starting a New Site How-To Do It Cheaply and Efficiently

Are you familiar with those times when all of a sudden you have an insanely good idea for a website, but it suddenly strikes you that you might not be able to afford it? Often people think that creating websites cost thousands of dollars when in reality it’s not true. I guarantee you that you can make a website for less than $100 that will look as professional as any other modern age website.

You shouldn’t be trying to invest thousands of dollars in something you are not yet sure about, first you need to make the website and get the whole idea done before you can start about making crazy investments. The point is that its possible to create cheap websites without having to worry about loosing too much money.

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Things you need to make a website:

Domain Name

Before you purchase web hosting you need a domain to point it to. Domain names are extremely cheap, starting at 10$ per year. Privacy might cost a little extra, like 5$ per year. It’s not even pocket money.

Web Hosting

Because you are starting a new website you only need a shared hosting plan, it would be dumb and absurd to purchase a server that will cost you 250$/month to maintain while you are still figuring out what you want to do with the website. Purchase a simple 10-15$/month shared hosting plan from some of the popular hosting companies.

WordPress Theme

For the sake of the post I am going to use WordPress as the content management system you are going to use to create your website.

Purchasing a professionally looking theme from ThemeForest is going to set you back around $40-50 dollars per theme. Now that is only a one time fee and you get to keep the theme forever, including all of the updates that will be released in the future, and usually there are a lot of updates because people want to see their favorite themes improved and modified. Also includes great support from the developer and community members.


How hard was that? It wasn’t even expensive. A total of $70ish dollars to get a professional website going. If you were to hire an designer and a web developer you would end up somewhere in the $7000ish price line. If you care about saving money and learning more how a website operates I suggest you take the route we discussed above 🙂

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