Long waits for navigating endless voicemail prompts or frustrating and failed trials to send an email to a customer may cause all your efforts to go in vain.  After all, failed technology leads to a failed business. At times, while laying all efforts to keep your organisation at the top, customer services or customer feedback facilities are often “overlooked”.

However, the new generation technology is completely twisted to extract our purposes. Just like a call centre, customers are turning to social media that routes them towards all the customer service problems. Apart from being a platform that has a wide outreach, social media also lives up to the expectation of customers of providing instant services and that too, in the least possible time. Such a task could even be next to impossible for small companies which lack any call centre facility or large enterprises that often lack time to go through the plight of each and every customer. To save everyone from such ordeals, social media comes to their rescue. We have no exactly stumbled upon this conclusion without any prior analysis as a recently conducted survey has highlighted the fact that at least one out of 5 people use social media for customer service benefits.

Speedy Customer Services Through Social Media Platforms

Why are customers heading the social way?

Of all those who use social media for incalculable purposes, many of them have gone a step ahead to resolve their service issues which they face.  We have listed plenty of reasons why people prefer to contact companies through various social networking websites for better customer services.

  • As many as 50 % of the customers face the most common problem of service issues and thus, approach companies to fulfil those issues.
  • Nearly 48% have had a great experience with the brand with which they are associated with and nearly 33% of them take help of social media to praise them for their services.
  • Around 47% wish to communicate with a broader audience about any service. Some 43% ask questions to the service providers through social media to get better services.
  • Sadly, around 46% use social media to vent out their frustration or defame a brand for their poor services.
  • Around 35% feel the need to generate responses about a particular service.

Rating a company’s response on social media

Let us check out and analyze the response time of a company towards queries and complaints from its customers.

  • A little over 16% of the customers feel that a social media giant such as Facebook takes as long as 30 minutes to guide the customers over a complaint. The figure is however high for Twitter where as many as 30% feel that Twitter is much faster.
  • People, who wish to seek services on the same day, often turn to Twitter than Facebook where the figures are nearly 30% and 22%.

Do companies actually resolve an issue on social media?

In recent times, delivering the best customer service has become an effective marketing strategy for any product. The better your services, the more favourite you are among the customers. However, upon interviewing a few customers, it was ascertained that many of them had pretty different notions about the effective deliverance of customer service.  There are many customers who are satisfied with the customer services of their respective brand and nearly 45% feel that it is only sometimes that their complaint is paid heed to, by the brand. However, 60% feel that such a negligent attitude towards the customers has improved lately.

But, this has not been the case always. 31% of proud customers feel that their complaints are never overlooked and are always fixed at the right time. On the contrary, the remaining 6% are feuding over the fact that their complaints are never looked upon properly. In fact, a meagre 7% feel that the conditions have further deteriorated with little or no scope of improvement shown by the companies.

Today, customer satisfaction is as important as the marketing of services. People often have greater expectations from the brand in which they have invested their money and thus, expect a faster resolution of all of their problems. Thus, customer satisfaction holds utmost importance for any brand to flourish or survive the market.

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