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Yes, there is a lot of information available about how to act on a social media website, or how to act around social media at all. There is however shortage of information that advises to avoid certain things in order to stay under the radar on some peoples watch.

Social media is evolving every single day, it’s doing it right now. There are people programming new things that are going to change how we interact with each other in the next couple of years. There are also new social networks sprouting every day, are all of them going to succeed? That is not for us to find out. One thing is for sure though, these new social networks are very oriented around peoples interests and some actually care about protecting users information.

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If you or your business wants to succeed in the social media world, you need to understand a couple of basics things in order to save yourself from a disaster.

4 Things to Avoid on Social Media

Let’s go.

Signup On Trusted Sites Only

Avoid signing up on every social network you see, there is huge variation of them available but all you really need is the big guys in order to have stable social media presence. Big guys include social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn.

You honestly don’t need more to succeed and have a great social media following.

Avoid Spamming

Sharing content is nice and encouraged, however spamming peoples news feed with useless content all the time is going to end up badly for you. Focus on sharing quality content less often, instead of posting a lot of content constantly.

It’s Invisible.

Your social media page is invisible to others, that is, if you avoid promoting it. Don’t think for a second that your social media page is going to promote itself. You have to put in the work to reap the benefits. Promote it trough your website or other social media pages that are doing better than the other.

Listen to Feedback

Don’t get scared because someone is leaving bad comments. Don’t make a unwise decision like disabling comments. Allow bad feedback to come and deal with it in professional matter, there is probably a reason someone is trying to badmouth you. Accept it and let this person disappear before you even notice.


It’s your business, and only you can know what is best for it. Avoid paying other people to manage your social media networking accounts just so it appears that you are being engaging all the time. Bring some quality and meaning to your posts. Show that you respect your customers.

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