There are several ways by which one can get visitors to visit their website. The chief two methods of driving traffic to your website are Search and Social marketing. Businessmen and ventures often have doubts about which one to invest time and money in as firstly, it is crucial for people to understand why they are necessary for a thriving business, and secondly sometimes the conflict lies in whether to invest in one marketing strategy more than the other or to pursue only one over the other.

How Search Beats Social

It is clearly evident to all of us that more people look for business on search. More than 61 percent of the consumers use search engines to help them in researching about the products before making any purchase. It is inhabited in us now to look for any service or product through a search engine. This implicates that if a company needs to be discovered through any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., it has to be ranked well for the target keywords.

Knowing what your customer database is searching for is another integral factor. Several tools are provided to use in research of what the prospects are searching for. One needs to identify the more probable and popular keyword or phrase in order to increase his or her ranking.

If one does not have the resources or time to follow through the above two steps, then one can simply buy their way up into the sponsored links section of any search engine using AdWords. Paid search listings too come with a bonus of customizing your appearance in the search results.

social-vs-search-infographic_facebook1How Social beats Search

One of the major upsides to social media is that once you have a presence on any social media networking sites, peer recommendations happen instantaneously when someone likes your page, follows you on twitter or tags your brand name. This is the initialization of a massive chain reaction as their connections would see this and this might help your business get discovered by others, thus reaching out to a wider audience.

Another issue that pops up in the usage of search engine marketing is that sometimes something negative pertaining to your business might turn up. Management of online reputation is a thriving business thanks to bad reviews, rip off reports and other damaging articles about your business. There is nothing one can do to prohibit or counter these results in search engines. Social media marketing helps mitigate this down side, as when you are presented with a criticism on a social media site, one can respond to them in time and turn those complaints into compliments. It helps in building of trust and loyalty between the current customers and attracts others too. Customers react better when they are shown that their opinions are being taken seriously.

Also, thanks to advertising on these social networking sites, one can now buy our way in front of the target audience and this is one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic to one’s website.

One has to invest in both these marketing strategies to generate the best possible results as search engine marketing can help in social marketing and vice versa. Usage of the same keyword research and on-site optimization techniques in search engine marketing for social media marketing can be applied too. Filtering tools enables you to fine tune your status updates and information for search within the social network, thereby enhancing your reputation.

Social Media helps search marketing in better reputation management and help confirm whether the search result is trustworthy or not. Social media and networking help create a strong brand presence and qualify the negative reviews and articles about the venture being searched for.

The successful marketers are those who are quick to embrace and implement integrated online search and social marketing campaigns. Having integrated solutions helps in the generation of a higher return of investment across the various channels. As marketers experiment with multiple mediums it will become a necessity for one to understand that the precise balance of both these schemes can only generate revenue for the organisation. One cannot choose one over the other.

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