From smartphone apps to websites, Internet has made communication easier as everything is just a click away and Social Networking Sites (SNS) play the most significant part in bringing the world in the palm of our hands. Whether you use them to reach potential customers, interact with people or to generate content, Social Media has become a powerful tool for business and internet marketing. And one feature the SNS that has developed over the years is how to build or break trust, i.e. they know how to expose the truth. With its 24×7 accessibility, SNS has one brilliant impact and that is uniting people behind causes by being a commodity for good. Here is a list of popular social media websites and how they came, conquered and changed the world.

Social Media Dominance In The Real World


With over 1 billion Facebook users, this multibillion dollar social networking company made sweeping changes over a period of 10 years that created a limitless platform for human connection. From education to politics, from charity to business, Facebook has redefined virtual human interaction. With Facebook launching their smartphone app at a very early stage, they have successfully created an enormous global reach. Statistics say that an average of 18 minutes is spent by a user on Facebook every day, with 350 million photos uploaded and shared. With 720 million likes generated per day, 144 million friend-requests and 216 million messaged sent, they say Facebook is the largest living map of human connection ever seen!


Only 140 characters to type and express, a Tweet can now have a long-reaching impact. With over 64 hundred million accounts, every account has an average of 208 followers. This crowd funding micro blog is one of the fastest growing social platforms is a great tool for connecting with educators across the globe. Users spent an average of 13 minutes on Twitter every day, with 60% of them accessing through the mobile internet. Here is a thought: Making efforts to generate your tweets unique and personal is a fantastic way to stand out from the rest.


With 70 million customers, Pinterest has been in the internet market for some time now. Almost 80% of the users are female and 50% have children. Pinterest is a powerful tool to attract clients with visual data and grow your brand. Given the changing landscape of content generation, it’s not surprising that a social media like Pinterest has materialized as a power player for driving traffic, building communities and promoting reader engagement.


A stunning 3 million businesses have their pages in LinkedIn! If you want to communicate to a B2B audience and business professionals and engage with the business leaders and executives then LinkedIn with its 277 million members is the best place to play. With over 2.1 million groups created as of now, LinkedIn provides some serious online networking power. LinkedIn is a good place for building new network relationships with individuals who can influence potential customers.


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, it may seem like Instagram is an endless stream of photos but the truth is there is much to it than it seems. 55 million photos are uploaded every day with 16 billion shares and 1.2 billion likes per day, an overwhelming of 70% of the users access Instagram every day. Instagram’s photos are about quality, composition and making even mundane moments magical. This 2 year old company with a mere 100 employee trumps all SNS.


This social media helps to build online authority, improve visibility, drive more traffic and boost sales. Google gives maximum priority to local businesses in its search results by placing these Google local pages results right underneath the Adwords listings. With 300 million users, Google has an impressive double digit of 33% increase in overall growth every year.


Finding success through YouTube, much like Justin Beiber or Soulja Boys, is not just for musicians. With YouTube’s Partner Program, even average people can earn a living by following their passion. YouTube has over 1 billion visitors every month with 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. Apart from being world’s second-largest search engine (after Google), YouTube is one of the most vibrant social networks on Earth.


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