Survey says 73% of online adults use at least one social networking site.

As of September 2013:71% of online adults use Facebook; 17% use Instagram; 21% use Pinterest and 22% use LinkedIn. Meanwhile, as of April 2014, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter happen to be the second, third, and eighth, respectively, the most-trafficked sites on the Internet. However, even these statistics do not entirely account for the impact social media has on our daily lives. Users actually spend more than 20% of their time online on social networking sites.

If you’re engaging social media for your businesses, it is important to keep updated with the statistics so as to keep your strategy in-line. The infographic given here covers more or less the exact statistics for the number and type of users of various social media as of 2012.



With over eight hundred million active Facebook users, 75% of postings on Facebook happen on the first 5 hours of the day.

And on an average, B2C Facebook results are mostly 30% above average on a typical Sunday.

You’d be surprised to know that almost every Facebook user has at least 130 friends and by now has liked an average of 80 pages!

56% of consumer say that they are more likely recommend a brand after becoming a fan each week on Facebook more than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared. 77% of the consumers said they interact with brands on Facebook primarily through reading posts and updates from the brands while some interact by sharing experience and new stories.


The 400 million dollar company employs only around 2500 people around the world. As of 2014 an estimation of 21 million users has twitter accounts. 49% of Twitter users monthly follow brands as compared to only 16% of social network users overall. In other words Twitter users are 3 times more inclined to follow brands than Facebook users. 34% of marketers have managed to generate leads using Twitter while 20% of users have closed deals at the same time. 40% of the users don’t actually tweet but keep a tab on their timeline while another 46% tweet at least once a day.



Interestingly a 2011 study by the NRA confirms that consumers who use social media including apps, Twitters, Facebook, Foursquare and more, not only dine out more but keep coming back. 30% of B2B marketers are spending millions of dollars each year on social media marketing while sadly nearly 30% of these users are not tracking the impact of this marketing.  Out of the 6 billion people on the planet, as large as 4.8 billion people have a cellular device and only 4.2 billion can actually afford to own a toothbrush.

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are now considered as vital elements of most social media strategies in larger companies.

SEO still dominates for marketers with both B2B and B2C business stating it makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals.

An amusing 56% of college students admitted that if they encountered a company that banned access to social media, they would either not accept the job offer or would join and find a way to evade corporate policy.

According to a new study published by Nielsen, internet users and social media and blogs eat up 23% of internet usage overall. 65% of adult internet users now say they use social media like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, more by 61% one year ago. This basically means that almost half or more of the adult population around the world use at least one social networking site.

44% of companies keep a tab on employees’ social media use in and out of the office while 24% of college students and young professionals, experience three to five hours of interruptions in a given hour while 84% get interrupted at least once while completing a task.


Even as some social networking websites flare up into use, quickly becoming everyday tools, new platforms are constantly emerging. Among those who only use one major SNS, 84% admit that Facebook is the single site that they patronize. However, other social networking site users have adopted a site other than Facebook as their platform of choice: 8% use LinkedIn, 4% use Pinterest, and 2% each say that Instagram or Twitter is their sole social networking platform.


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