When social media began to expand, people thought that it’s nothing more than just a fad. However, the ever increasing popularity of social media can make anyone believe that social media is here to stay!

The proponents of these social media websites often lay strong emphasis on these sites as they not only facilitate increased interactions among family and friends but also disseminate any useful news swiftly. Social media has even expanded beyond sites like Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you wish to grow your business network, you shift gears towards a business oriented website like LinkedIn. A few others like Instagram and Pinterest allow quick and easy sharing of pictures. For uploading and viewing videos, you quickly log in to websites like YouTube. The thing is, each social media website is built to serve a specified purpose.

The social media frenzy

The undying craze of social mediais not just among the young, but it has outgrown to every corner of the world. Businesses and enterprises that are nowadays more dedicated towards social media for growing their own marketing channels. If used effectively, social media can provide great leverage as well as an independent marketing platform for your products or businesses. A few of the most popular social media websites have been discussed below.

  • Facebook

With the biggest audience reach, social giant Facebook surpasses all other social networking websites in terms of its users.  With as many as 1200 million users logging in, Facebook is a beast. Also, a survey justifies this argument correctly as it revealed that nearly 95% of the Facebook users are active on the website and log on to access its services almost daily. However, the most startling result of the survey showed that of all the time spend on the internet, a person on an average spends nearly 15.8% of his time on Facebook.

  • LinkedIn

The best known business oriented website LinkedIn is also the most preferred choice for professionals. Activities like personal branding and great deals are what make LinkedIn so lucrative. With around 259 million users, the website is ideal for professionals who wish to build strong business networks. Almost, 40% of the users on LinkedIn pay for the LinkedIn premium to enjoy its services. A much recent website like SlideShare.net was successful in generating traffic of as much as 30% from social media which however LinkedIn had an eye for and thus acquired it for a whooping sum of $119 million.

  • The Social Media CommotionTwitter

A text based blogging platform like Twitter gained everyone’s attention as soon as it began its market. With a limit of only 140 text character, Twitter sets itself apart from blogs that allow you the freedom to write as much as you wish. A survey was conducted to witness the number of avid users of Twitter which gave the following results. Of all its 231.7 million users monthly, nearly each of them spends 170 minutes on the website in the whole month.  Out of which, half are keen in tweeting while the other 50% prefer to read others tweets.  Twitter can also be sometimes treated as an advanced platform for marketing website.

  • Pinterest

A website like Pinterest generates most of its traffic through ecommerce. With as many as 41% of traffic on this website as against 23% of Facebook, Pinterest is still regarded an underdog and is unutilized as only 10% brands have shown a marketing focus towards Pinterest. It lacks in exposure albeit, Pinterest’s most popular and followed board Woodland Creature has a whooping 4,689,706 followers.

  • Others

Much to everyone’s surprise, a latest app like Snapchat declined acquisition offers from web giants like Google and Facebook for an amount as much as $4billion. Such breathtaking deals offered to these apps based companies are due to the amount of the traffic diverted towards them. Some data infact show that on an average 35 million people post “selfies” on Instagram. Furthermore, Google+ also has 25000 users registered on its website everyday which makes a total of 8 new users per second. People these days are also driven more towards Infographics and prefer to use them for presentation and document thingy instead of others like Slide Share.

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