The outreach of the social media has spanned across the world over the course of past a few decades. Social media websites have shown a soaring trend towards the hospitality sector as well. Media often helps people spread a word about a hotel or a restaurant by highlighting their individual assets and reviewing them. In fact, social media can be termed as a very causal platform to advertise almost anything in this world.

Posting pictures on social websites taken in a restaurant or that of a social gathering can be fruitful as people will remember you as more than just a brand. The snapshots of various scrumptious items on the menu can also be regarded as an amazing marketing strategy for any hotel or restaurant.

Social media, now in your favourite hotel

Name any hotel and you have your favourite social networking website integrated with it to serve you the best possible services. Popular studies from various researches have come to this conclusion that most people love to check out any hotel on their weekends which they follow on sites like Facebook or Twitter. These hotels often come up with attractive offers on these websites to attract potential customers. They even let you review them on the basis of the services provided by them during your stay, which is also an effective marketing strategy.

Social Media As An Assistance Tool For Hotel Check-Ins

The latest study about the number of followers of a hotel on Facebook and Twitter gave us the most amazing results.

  • Social giant Facebook in most cases was ahead of the trail and was the most preferred network for travellers while their stay in a hotel.
  • In a high end hotel like Marriott, Twitter was ahead of Facebook with a difference of nearly 1 million followers or likes.
  • The number of Facebook likes for popular hotels like Hilton was a little over 1.02 million which was followed by Twitter which had around 84 thousand followers enjoying its services.
  • Hotels like Hyatt or Sheraton got as many as 2.66 and 2.14 million likes respectively on Facebook.  While Twitter on the other end just had 27 and 5 thousand followers respectively for these hotels.
  • As many as 55 thousand, 77 thousand and 29 thousand people have hit a “like” for hotels like Westin, Radisson and Wyndham respectively on Facebook. This figure was however low for Twitter where the followers declined to 4.7 thousand, 4.5 thousand and 1.9 thousand respectively.

The best hotel for social media aficionados

A rising trend is seen among the travellers who opt for hotels to stay that have a good rating on social websites, when on a trip.  Such results were put together in the form of a study for which we have really amazing results.

  • Travellers voted Radisson with a highest rating of 79.7% mainly because of itss amazing services.
  • Westin, Wyndham and Hilton came next with a whooping figure of 68.2, 64.8 and 60.6% as the most preferred hotels to stay.
  • Hotels like Marriott, Hyatt and Sheraton were also a hit among the travellers each with 60.6, 59.1 and 59.1 percent up votes.

The most mentioned hotels 

This survey was the result of the most mentioned or the most searched hotels on the popular social websites Facebook and Twitter.

  • Hilton stood first with the highest votes of 60% which was followed by the likes of Sheraton which showed a decline of 13% votes.
  • Marriott, Hyatt and Radisson followed with 11, 7 and 5 percent searches in their favour.
  • Westin and Wyndham nevertheless stood last with as many as 3 and 1 percent votes respectively.

What hotels offer on social websites?

The key to attract any customer for your services is to offer them with the best promotion offers like discounts, packages, among a few.  Such a strategy has been followed by almost all hotels to market their services. Some have started to share the snapshots of splendid swimming pools or the exquisite hotel rooms to draw customers. Some even offer promotional cocktails or wines on their stay in a hotel. Or have even gone to the extent of offering promotional packages or a visit to the nearby sites, all to attract customers at large.

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