Content marketing is anything that a company would create to distribute and share their valuable content. This is done in order to engage prospective buyers and orient their interest towards their products. The idea behind content marketing is to provide consumers with all the necessary information, so as to aid purchases, improve their product usage and entertain them while targeting towards their future goals.  It is actually a mindset that needs embracement wherein you need to act like publisher and set forth a goal to execute your entire marketing strategy in the form of content. Content marketing is always carried or shared through a third party namely the social media website.

Advantage of Content Marketing

The benefits associated with content marketing are as astounding as ever.  Good content marketing is a step ahead towards a much needed change in the marketing arena.  It is the means of a faster approach towards the spreading of content via emails or social networking platforms in a fun, engaging and appealing way. Content marketing fulfills the following three purposes

  • Good ranking for your website – Unless a company takes the effort to use photos or subliminal conversations, your content will not fetch you any good. A good content means more readability by the audience which further would increase the chances of more people visiting your website. This would help people differentiate your products and hence your website from the rest.
  • A wider keyword targeting – Remember that dealing with the content should not let your keyword tail take a backseat. Keyword rankings at times do real good to your business by fetching you some potential customers. The use of keywords in your content would route the customers to your website generating huge traffic for your business.
  • Generating traffic for your website – In order to drive heavy traffic towards your website, make sure that you have ample amount of content published on your website that gets timely updated.  You can make use of texts like blog posts, slide shows, in depth articles, guest postings and videos for your website. Also, getting more authors to work for your blog would mean an increase in your search results leading to heavy traffic.

Safest approach towards content marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts in the field of content marketing 

There are basically 4 pillars that are associated with content marketing. Here, is a look at each one of them and how carefully they should be managed for lucrative business advancement.

  1. Blog posts


  • Make sure your website contains a blog with very high quality content. It should sound appealing to the audience.
  • Mention the option for social sharing to your blog as it would drive traffic from the social websites to your sites.
  • Make use of keywords.
  • Fix a schedule for your blog for the audience to connect with you.


  • Don’t publish an article which is not upto the mark. Don’t lay stress on quantity but on quality.
  • Don’t copy or promote any copied content. Check for plagiarism.
  • Don’t make your content too lengthy. Let it be short and eye catching.


  1. Press release


  • Come up with something new in each of your press releases.
  • Ensure that the title is very appealing and the article has the usage of right grammar.
  • Make sure that you follow the correct format as that of a professional press release.
  • Mention the source of statistics or survey.


  • Don’t add to make statistics to the press release.
  • Don’t forget to follow the basic guidelines of a press release.
  • Don’t make your press release sound like a marketing strategy.


  1. Infographics


  • Make infographics look visually alluring.
  • Promote the infographics through social media platforms.
  • Make use of pie charts, stats and other relevant data.
  •  Create stories out of your infographics and make it look embeddable.


  • Don’t copy any other infographics.
  • Don’t make your infographics look offensive or historical to people.
  • Don’t overload the infographics with too much information.


  1. Guest posting


  • Follow the correct guidelines to write guest postings.
  •  Include only the relevant links in the content.
  • Respond to all the comments on the guest posting.
  • Check the site’s registration before guest posting.


  • Don’t publish a post on a topic that has been written over many times.
  • Don’t whine if the post gets rejected.

Following these quick and easy steps would lead you towards a successful career in content marketing.

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