Lite version vs. Ultimate Version?
-Copyright must remain (its’ small)
-Locked to 3 slides
-Background color and characters locked
-Locked to size/dimensions
-Customization features

Does it work on Forums too?

How do I get images to show up in the slider?
Images must be near the top of the thread so that they also appear in the RSS. Images automatically go to the RSS feed, in turn go to the forumslider

Is it connected to another server?

I don’t see any items in the slider. Why?
Make sure RSS feeds are turned on is Admincp > Options. Then check the rss feed if there is any items being displayed.

My images are too stretched when appearing, why?
Typically you should only use images that are the same size as your slider. However, thats’ just ideal and unrealistic unless you have lots of time on your hands. If you can’t use pre-scaled images, forumslider is built with a resizer, just switch it to scaled mode instead of stretched mode.

What if there is no image in the thread and it shows up on the forumslider?
A default image is included with the slider. Replace it with an image of your own. This will show up when no images do.

I Want to buy ultimate version but lite mod doesn”t pull images on my cms.
Only default image and thread title showing.

Your images must be in the thread before its published. RSS feeds don’t update. Once your thread is submitted it goes immediately to the rss feed without any updates following. Also check your rss feed to see if images are appearing.
For example :…s=120&count=10
See the images? Yours should look similar

Where can I learn more about it?

So exactly how much is it for forum slider ultimate? With my site I am going to want to have more than slides appear and adjust the size and all that. So if you could just tell let me know what the cost is It would be appreciated.

ForumSlider costs 59/month and comes with other premium mods and premium themes. You can cancel your membership at any time and still use them all as long as you want. So technically you can sign up for a month and get everything. I’m not allowed to say much about it here.

I want shows only photos from X forums: example….i can select forum with ID 3, ID 5, ID 7 ……etc etc….?

You can combine RSS feeds from each of those forums using or any of those sites that combine multiple RSS feeds into one. Then take that one rss feed and input it into forumslider.

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