vBSocial is the best in vBulletin 5, in providing vBulletin 5 mods, modifications, themes, and vBulletin 5 styles. In the next month, we will have three of the best vBulletin 5 mods out in our vBulletin 5.

So what’s coming out of our wood works?

Premium vBulletin Modifications for vBulletin 5

vBSocial 8 Notifications for vBulletin 5 – The best modification for vBulletin 5. vBSocial Notifications 8.0 is truly a spectacular, must have modification that changes the way your users interact on your website. Users will get notifications when other people post, reply, comment and much more. Not only that, theres a built in reputation system, thanks system, smooth drop down menus for browsing, integrated google search, among other features. To check out all the features, see:

vBSocial Wall for vBulletin 5 – vBSocial Wall will elevate your vBulletin 5 forum to higher heights by introducing a social wall of interactivity. Users can follow other users, get status updates from their profiles, like, dislike, lol comments on their profiles, as well as share statuses, images, videos and more across other profiles.

vBSocial Memberlist – Premium vBulletin 5 Mod – Our hottest new modification, allows admins for both vBulletin 4 and vBulletin 5 to quickly change their memberlist to a Facebook ajax based memberlist. This is a very powerful, and clean looking modification.


Get the best vBulletin mods at vBSocial

Get the best vBulletin mods at vBSocial


So if

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