The deployment of social media is certainly one of the best marketing strategies for any business.  Whenever a product or a service is launched in the market, the primary motive of the services proprietor is to relay the services and make them go viral, so that people from different parts of the world could be apprised with the benefits of those services. However, this feat is possible only through social media.

In the present day and age, social media has shaped the dimensions of the eCommerce sector on a massive scale. In the earlier days, online shopping was never this easy and neither was it, a single click away. Advertising a product through social media not only enhances productivity through lucrative deals, but also shifts an impressive amount of traffic to your website, henceforth generating exceedingly high revenues.

Just like any other content, a press release is promoted extensively on these social networking websites. The dissemination of any news or press releases on social media platforms not only provides maximum exposure and visibility, but drives more prospective buyers towards a brand.  Perhaps needless to mention, social media is a brand in itself connecting millions of followers and spreading awareness for different purposes.

Popular Social Media Platforms With An Impressive PR

The win- win situation of social media

A number of social media websites have flooded the internet to serve various functions. Depending on which of the boxes you fit into or which TV series you watch, advertisers come to know a little about your habits and areas of interest. They feel that through this, they can connect with us and have the perfect idea of the product which they are going to shell out their money on.  Social media also helps us to move past any stereotypes that prevail in our generation by spreading awareness about them.

Social media websites in today’s plugged-in world are competing to win the PR race. However, the only two to have survived this competition are the media giants namely Twitter and Facebook, both challenging each other to reach the top spot. A recent survey was carried out to analyze the stance of both of these social media heavyweights in terms of their PR. The results were quite interesting.

  • Facebook-

At first, Facebook and Twitter were seen to be competing for the PR race at the same pace.  Recently, Facebook rose beyond expectations with a registered user base of 1 billion by 2012. Additionally, 74% of the Facebook users are much more active compared to the mere 35% users on Twitter. While the Facebook brouhaha seems to slink in the lives of the people, its adoption rate became much slower than expected while on the other end, Twitter continues to grow. However, interestingly, as many as 86% of the people still look up to Facebook for promoting a brand, although most of them are small business groups that find it a very effective platform. The survey also revealed that 56% of the Facebook users are avid followers of some brand or the other that is being marketed through Facebook.

  • Twitter

Social media website Twitter has once again set the trend for micro blogging. With a 140 character limit, Twitter continues to grow with a total registered user base of nearly 140 million posting an average 340 million tweets every single day. However sadly, this social giant is not a favourite choice for brands connecting with the audiences and as many as 29% people on Twitter are associated with a brand. Nearly 64% of the proponents of the website are more likely to follow a brand on Twitter and make a purchase compared to 51% of users that hit a like on Facebook before purchasing a product through it. Twitter is most often used by those scooping any breaking news, seeking information, stories or running a discussion. Thus, by the end of 2011, Twitter was much ahead of Facebook and consequently beat the latter in the PR race, as it was found to be much more effective for information seekers and news gatherers.

In the end, while Facebook gave Twitter a run for money, the latter in the end proved its mettle by overcoming all barriers and reaching out to the number of users for purposes such as press releases, news and information, among others.  However, this is certainly not the end. Or one should say the PR race has just begun.


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