Days after days various social networking websites have started to report their yearly earning and the membership numbers leaving media to wonder whether the “much feared” social network load has already set in. It seems already that networking has begun to overrun our world. With social giants like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have already set the bar high by laying a massive platform for users to connect personally, professionally and informatively. A few newer ones like Instagram and Pinterest have made uploading and sharing a photo much easier. The need for these incalculable social networking websites lies in the fact that different sites fill different purposes. Infact as soon the novelty of a website dies off, it gets immediately replaced by something new in the market.  Perhaps, that’s the sole reason why these social networking sites have started to spread so rapidly in our eventful lives.

Social networking Involvement in our life

With the increase in the popularity of social networking websites, people began to judge them on the basis of the overload or burden they created in our lives. Though, initially it was all hype. But to some extent it’s quite true. A recent survey revealed that every 2in 3 people feel that not keeping a tab on social networking sites might lead them to miss something important or significant. That important event could be almost anything from a status update to news or even some noteworthy event.  Further, the survey showed that 3 in 5 people feel that they wish for a solution that leads them to monitor, protect and use their profiles on various social networking all but at once. Around 27% of the people further voted that their interest for social networking is such they prefer sending messages to friends and colleagues through a social site rather than their email accounts. Also, most people aged between 18 to 34 years fear feeling unplugged and thus prefer checking their social networking sites upon waking up more than their email accounts. Because the fear of losing upon the social circuit is deep and integral, one would do anything but give up their social networking habits.

Overloading of social networking sites and its outreach

Anything for social networking

One would be wrong if they said social networking hasn’t started to take a toll on their lives and emotions. The addiction of the younger lot towards social networking is such that they can sacrifice almost anything but that.  With so much pressure already has been set up due to studies and career, social networking doesn’t seem to fade their charm in the lives of most students.  It provides them the platform to build new and strong relationships or talk to groups of people all of which may not be possible nowadays. It has been found that nearly 40% of the population would beat the heat and take up odd jobs than to give up their social networking habits. Some said that they would clear shower drains of a nearby gym or run a marathon or even wait hours in a queue at DMV. Some even came up with humorous answers such as they would give up an hour of their sleep for the rest of the year, get a root canal, read books on war and peace or even wait in traffic for 4 long hours while listening to yesteryears polka music.  However, the essence of the change lies in the fact that as the novelty of social network fades away; there is a transition between the uncanny childhood dependence to an adult responsibility.

The plethora of social networks

It is more than true that logging on to social networking sites is not just for social purpose but for things more than that. Let’s say, when we want to look for a nearby restaurant we open up its Facebook page and look at its reviews or when we want to look for a new project or job, we instantly turn the sport to LinkedIn. Thus, each social network fills various spaces in our lives depending on its need. Websites like Foursquare, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook top the list of websites that allow you quick sharing of photos, updates and status by getting 44%, 31%, 18% and 17% votes respectively from their users. This was followed by social websites like Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn which got an average of 15, 13, 11 and 10 percent votes respectively from the audience.  Another survey based on the consumption of knowledge revealed that LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ were the first choice of users and gave them 68, 57, 53 and 49 percent votes respectively.  This is backed by Pinterest, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr with nearly 41, 37, 34 and 28 percent votes respectively.



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