Large organizations can always afford to enter the world of pay per click ads whereas this is a rather daunting step. Every business weighs its expenditure before investing in ads and social media sites promoting their brand. Small and medium sized businesses often are sceptical about investing on clicks as there are several window shoppers on the virtual market today just wasting time and their investment on the clicks.

Investing on clicks is a tricky venture and requires proper planning and layout, without which the whole agenda is bound to fail. Optimization of these pay per click campaigns requires experienced professionals who make sure all the areas of failing are covered and the whole operation is carried out in an efficient manner, reaping high results for the organization. This infographic will help you understand the possible stumbles you might face in the ad market and things you can avoid, driving your campaign and brand into fame and success.

1. Evade from large area Geo-tagging

Every company or organization needs to first and foremost identify its audience and optimize targeting them only. There’s no point addressing large countries and regions if you’re a small time, local business. Rather, one needs to concentrate on reaching out to one’s relevant customers and fulfilling their needs. It not only builds brand name, but also enables the ripple effect of fame to begin.

2. Network ventures shouldn’t lack purpose and direction

Every network campaign usually aims at showing and broadcasting ads for a wide range of audience. This not only leads to wastage of clicks on people who aren’t aware of your business, but also might think of it as another brand altogether, which will cost you your investment again. Targeting a smaller, apropos group with focused branding techniques through your ads, leads to a better optimization of the clicks and thus better revenue generation.

Optimizing Your Google Ad Campaign

3. Don’t forget to categorize

Generation of ad groups which are vague and have several generic words is not only a turn off for prospective customers, but also is a sure way to lose your entire money. Usage of irrelevant phrases and extraneous words is a big NO.

4. Choose your landing page efficiently

Ads that point to landing pages that are tangential to your brand or what you speak for not only confuses the customer but also completely burns down your budget. One needs also make sure that the ads don’t point to the home or index page directly, as that is not the correct way to help make your customer find what you’re actually promoting.

5. Keep a check on your cost per click bids

One needs to keep an account of all the costs per click and cannot afford to splurge without any limits on these costs per clicks. Your budget is surely to drown with these unchecked CPC offers.

6. Expand your bidding

Small keywords and phrases are much more expensive than lengthy keywords. Usage of just key words is also a way of burning a hole in your wallet. One needs to make sure they use effective long tailed keywords to prove results.

7. Usage of no keywords

One needs to maintain a balance while designing an ad. You need to make sure that you use the important keywords as these are the ones which are recognized by your audience and improve your brand quality and name in the market.

8. Stop usage of keywords that don’t reap results

One needs to keep reviewing their ad campaigns and make sure they cancel out the usage of keywords which do not give any results or are underperforming. This is an integral part of saving up on your campaign budget and also enhancing your ads.

9. Use dismissive terms to focus your ad campaign

Usage of positive as well as negative keywords in the right amount is of chief importance as if one doesn’t use any negated terms or content, it invites irrelevant users to click on your ads and hence waste your currency. One needs to keep maintain a sustainable balance of words like discount, cheap, free, easy, etc., to avoid searchers from simply clicking away your money.

10. Tracking your conversations is of prime importance

Tracking conversations doesn’t really use your pay per click money that you’ve invested but it doesn’t give the searchers any credit either, i.e. it helps you comprehend better if you’re getting a return of investment on your ad campaign. The three main components of a successful google ad venture are the pages the ads point to, the content of the ads, and the strategy one involves in tracking these conversations.


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