In today’s world, the non-profits are starting a serious trend of investing resources and money into social networks to keep in pace with the latest media trends and advancements. Though most of them forget to acknowledge the fact whether these investments are worth it or not and hence fail. Most of the organizations and businesses are driven by the motive of profit and hence invest in social media to increase awareness about their brand and hence improve their revenue. But what about the companies and organizations which depend mainly on donations for funding, in simple terms, the non-profit businesses? Social Media platforms are an integral factor for such organizations as seeking for donations can be done primarily by brand building and creating awareness about what you stand for. In order for people to appreciate what you believe in, your goals and policies, social media platforms play a chief role. Non-profits have to be very efficient with their time and budgets to invest in social media tools such that there is an evident return of investment.

Several surveys have showed that most non-profits prefer usage of sites like Facebook. Both the small businesses as well as non-profits may believe that finding and posting content on such sites takes up most of their time. Some of the findings and conclusions that can be drawn from the past few years of data are:

Non-profits have begun investing much more time on social media platforms

The past few years has seen the rise of non-profit organisations on a rapid scale and statistics show that most of them spend more time answering queries and questions of these social media platforms now than they did a year or two ago. Spending more than ten hours per day on social media, makes them wonder if their investment in time on such platforms is even reaping results. The answer is yes, it is. People appreciate prompt replies to their questions and hence respond better to the brand that is being marketed to them. They will be more inclined towards making a donation or helping out the non-profit organization when they know what the companies mottos are and punctuality increases the image of the organization in their minds.

More number of non-profits are active on social media platforms than the small businesses

Small businesses generally are very sceptical about incorporating the social media tools to advertise and market their products as they are unaware of its atrocious power to influence a chain reaction amongst the consumers when practised in the right manner. Over the recent years, studies have shown that non-profits are more advanced about social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase their consumer database and hence receive donations. They use Facebook shares and tweets on Twitter to improve their appearance on a more global sophisticated level. Social media sites help these non-profits create their brand name virtually, which helps them reach out to prospective donors and investors physically.

Most non-profits find the process of content finding to share strenuous

Recent statistics have proven that if small businesses and non-profits are similar in one area, it is the fact that both find the entire process of finding good quality content to share and promote which is pertaining to their business and organization, rather laborious. This requires the most investment in time and also suggested the dire requirement for a time-saving social media tool which will enable both, the small businesses and non-profit organizations to make use of their time in a more efficient manner.

Investment of Non-profits on Social Media Platforms

Social media budgets have increased

Compared to the previous few years, it is quite evident that the social media budgets have increased a lot, especially for the non-profit organizations which now pay for social media publishing tools, analytics tools, and several others which help them keep a track on their efforts online. Non-Profits organizations have to be cautious about how they spend their resources and several surveys have confirmed that most of these organizations firmly believe that an active social media presence is a valuable asset that is completely worth the investment they are making as social media plays a larger role when it comes to promoting a cause which is worthwhile.

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