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It’s pretty damn important! Hehe. In all seriousness though, it is important and I see no valid reason for not getting involved in generating quality backlinks that will only be of benefit in the long term success for your business. There is a reason you are building links, so that is why I am saying “your business”, instead of saying “your diary”.

The basic SEO is pretty basic. Learning how to modify descriptions, keywords and content for optimal conversions isn’t really rocket science, and clearly never will be. We can rest assured that creating content and making it SEO friendly isn’t ever gonna be a problem. Maybe learning how to generate beautiful and engaging titles might take a little longer, it’s still a skill that is easy to master.

I have had plenty of experience with trying to generate tons of links for my websites, it has always ended up half worth it. Never reaching its true potential. It used to be in my best interests to utilize tools that helped create a ton of backlinks instantly. You come to realization one day, those tools are complete and utter crap!

It used to be easy to rank for any keyword you could possibly imagine. But that had to change because of the nature of things, Google had to put the stop to letting marketers make thousands of dollars in only an hour. Good ‘ol days.

Fast forward to 2013 and we are being challenged with how much we care about our business and how much time we are willing to invest in making it better. Social media has become the place to be, to create new relationships and to generate quality links. If your content is nice enough, it qualifies to be shared by others. And that is the way link working is happening right now.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a decent security measure put in place for your blog, hackers are trying to breach as many websites as possible before we enter the new era of digital authentication. I would strongly advise for you to purchase our very own homegrown WordPress security plugin: vBSocial Monitoring. You will be able to sleep a nights, much, much easier.

There is of course guest blogging, shining in it’s full glory. But even that is becoming obsolete, by webmasters becoming either scared of losing their rankings or simply too lost in their pride for having to be chosen by so many webmasters. Helooo, it was my only choice at the time!

Things are changing, and only the ones committed enough will be able to enter the next phase. Good luck!

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