The Importance of Having Watermarked Images for Brand Exposure

If you plan on using our automated picture upload plugin, to reap the plentiful benefits it offers, it might be a wise idea to consider watermarking your images. It’s not only going to increase your brand exposure, you will be able to enjoy steady traffic for years to come.

In case you have no idea what a watermark is, it’s an extra layer on the original picture (either a text or another picture) that can put on the picture to serve as a signature from where the image is coming from. This method of image protection definitely goes together well with the vBSocial Scheduler plugin!

You might wonder how to create watermarks, it’s not hard at all. Any software that allows you to modify pictures will be “good enough” to add a simple watermark in the corner of the picture. I prefer putting it in the bottom right corner, I think it’s sort of an web standard these days. The software… Paint, PhotoShop, Gimp!, etc. etc,. You don’t need to make it incredibly fancy, a simple link to your website will be good enough for someone to take note for it.

You can try your luck by searching online for automated watermarking tools, but beware that most are premium and will require for you to signup and subscribe to a monthly payment. It’s not something you want. I also do believe that WordPress plugins have been developed to help with water marketing, but that isn’t an option if you are going to use our batch uploading to social networks plugin.

There are photographers and other media channels that support the use of “invisible” watermarks, a type of watermark which can only be detected by the use of special tools that let you decode the image. Such measures are put in place because some stock photos require for you to pay in order to use them, and not everyone wants to pay, it’s the internet, after all.

The Benefits of Watermaking

  1. advertisement
  2. picture protection
  3. increased visibility
  4. long term traffic

I watermark my images when I feel like it, it is not something I do on daily basis, and not something I intend to either. If you are a business that produces high quality images and needs a method of protection, then watermarking is the right tool for you.

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