For a long time, people used to think that social media was a charm that would fade away with time. Lesser did they know that social media is more than just a trend. Today, social media rules our virtual world. It is so well incorporated that its use has outgrown to each and every sphere of our lives. Needless to say, social media is a fashion that is here to stay forever.

Everything that we do or see around us today has gone social and is the topic of discussion. Be it any news, social media takes seconds to disseminate it or any video that takes a microsecond to go viral. In fact, e-commerce websites have lucratively survived the competition on the internet, thanks to their huge marketing gimmicks on social networking websites. Social media websites have something for everyone.

The Social Media uproar

Day after day, social media offers huge leverage to people connected through them. Almost all businesses or enterprises have an account on social networking websites for fruitful marketing. The more the people hit like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, the more publicity their brand gets. Also, a few websites such LinkedIn are often the choice of people when it comes to personal branding. For entertainment purposes, people love to log on to YouTube wherein, they have access to videos for free. Thus, we can easily rely on the fact that the diversity of social media has impacted the present age on a massive scale.

The impact of social media websites on day-to-day lives

Popular forms of social media

When talking about social media, people often wonder whether its use is limited only to the youngsters. However, such a statement is more than a misconception. Social media has everything for all of us. A few popular social networking websites have been listed below that are used worldwide by people of all age groups.

  • Facebook

While talking about social media, one cannot resist mentioning Facebook that has a significant record of 1 billion users connected through its network. It provides to its users, the largest platform for communication and marketing. These operations are effectively done on Facebook and that too, in a non obstructive way. Users on Facebook share as many as 2.5 billion posts or contents per day which generates huge traffic for the network.

  • LinkedIn

This business familiarized social website has everything related to business. Most users on LinkedIn are brands and enterprises that are looking for latent talent and professional employees. The number of users on LinkedIn has grown significantly with time and has 240 million users as of now. On top of that, most of the users on this business oriented website are people aged above 35 years who are looking for a boost in their resume or want to strengthen their business networks.

  • Twitter

A micro blogging website as cool as Twitter is for those who love to convey messages in short. With a character limit of just 140, Twitter can be used to post and follow tweets related to any topic of your own discretion. The company has a stronghold in the United States, but the trend is catching up slowly in other parts of the world. Nearly 560 million users are on Twitter and the website has a record of circulating 5,700 tweets in a second.


  • Instagram

Social sharing through pictures and now through 15 seconds video is only possible through Instagram. The trend of Instagram began with the use of hash tags, which the youngsters can easily relate to. Launched much recently, the company has a total of 150 million users and MTV happens to be the most followed brand on the website.


  • Google+

Google+ creates circles of contacts and strengthens your social ties. Considered to be quite underutilized, Google+ sadly does not have many active brands, but the ones that are active on the website seem to have an impressive fan following. Google+, with a few changes in its network, is now growing rapidly and spreading promptly with 925, 000 users joining each day.


  • Pinterest

This eCommerce website has something for everyone. From home décor, recipes to fashion and wedding gifts, Pinterest is the new hub for fashionistas. The site has nearly 68% female users while the rest 32% as male. This website is all about discovering newest fashion trends and has shown a tremendous rise in its number of users, which has now soared to 70 million.

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