Update: 10/30/2015 (2 years after the fact! update):
I haven’t had the chance to look at Ignitiondeck lately, but they still have not learned a single ounce of customer service since our issue. Just a recap – we had asked for a refund for “$120” of their basic purchase, due to the lack of the one feature we needed in their software. Their founder said no, we we’re obviously unhappy as we did not even touch the software after that.

Looking back, I see this whole issue as completely ridiculous. Its’ $120…big deal, but I googled it and turns out 2 years later, I wasn’t the only one with the crazy bad experience.

However… Another customer got screwed out of their money as well, and went public about it. Now just imagine, for every complaint, they’re are hundreds of people not voicing their anger at this company, that’s just the way the web works.

Ignitiondeck posted to their other customer “We do not negotiate with Terrorists” I saw that…and wondered…are they calling their customers “terrorists?”

From y-combinator forums – “I understand that ignitiondeck has a no refund policy and hence they were technically/contractually correct in not giving the refund but seriously why would you go this far calling your customers “terrorists” ? Not to mention that to save the $299, they probably spent lot more time and hence money trying to fight with this customer.

“IgnitionDeck needs to accept that there are consequences for refusing to offer refunds to unsatisfied customers. Either accept the negative reviews, apologize for your policy decision, and move on, or rethink your policy, because UX extends to the sales process.

This customer may be rude, but name-calling and public call-outs don’t strike me as a professional response. As others pointed out, they definitely spent more than $300 publishing this post.”

Refunded license for Ignition Deck: $299

Transaction fees associated with refund: a few dollars

Making an ass of yourself in public? Priceless!


“”The reason we do not offer refunds is because our products are digital in nature, and digital products can easily be copied and reproduced.”

Wait, what ? As a consumer, I personally dislike companies even if digital that do not offer refunds. yes people can abuse refunds but when it comes to abusive customers, there are many things they can do to waste your time and money even if you don’t give them a refund. As far as the digital part is concerned, I don’t understand the argument. If they have already downloaded the stuff, then it is always open to be shared with anyone and you really cannot control that. That is the risk of doing digital business. What does that have to do with refunds ?

I am sure most customers are not abusive and refunds can sometimes be genuinely needed. This company sounds like they are trying to be too protective by having these kinds of policies.I would even go too far by saying in my opinion, strictly no-refund companies are a no no for me. Just doesn’t give a trustworthy perception to me at least.

Just to double clarify, the article written in that link above, is not directed to us, however, we now know that we weren’t the only ones they treated very poorly.


Furthermore, a deeper search – on the y-combinator forums a massive discussion takes place, and one guy assumes that we were they angry customer in this particular case that Nathan Hangen was addressing. False. But its’ funny, 2 years ago our situation occured, and today I still feel a certain “hatred” toward IgnitionDeck. Although they’re not officially breaking the law, it feels like they stole from us. And the world must know.

Anyways… thats all for this update. Hopefully one day these guys learn their lesson, that treating your customers IS important.

If you ever think on buying anything Ignition Deck, or look for any ignition deck review, I truly hope you find this and think twice. This review is, a 2 year long review in the making after all!


Now back to the original post:

This review is written by an actual customer of IgnitionDeck. IgnitionDeck is a “crowd funding” software platform. Nathan Hangen of IgntionDeck claims that they are selling a “Powerful WordPress Crowdfunding Platform.” This is not just on their website, but its’ also advertised on Facebook and I’m sure Google as well.

Customer Service: No refunds under any circumstance. There method of refund, is through offering to credit you into buying something more expensive…precisely $120 more for something that doesn’t exist (IgntionDeck Enterprise)


8-12-2013 3-53-10 PM

It turns out, their sales pages, advertisements, are misleading. Any one who is looking for a Powerful Crowdfunding Platform, expects that the users of the crowd funding platform will be able to post Crowdfunding projects. Its’ a bit selfish afterall, for just the admin to be able to post.

Anyways, moving forward with the review, unknowingly we were looking for a platform for our users to post projects they wanted built, as well as projects we wanted built, funding by the crowd. None of the functionality that exists where there is a front end user console for users to post projects exist on the software. Its’ really sad that they are selling themselves like this. I can guarantee you many customers, like us, have expected to buy this crowdfunding advertised program, yet there is no functionality that exists in the way that they sell it.

I am creating this post for people looking for an Ignition Deck Review by an actual customer, seeking to determine whether or not Ignition Deck offers good service.

Once I determined that IgnitionDeck was a falsely advertised, I kindly asked Nathan Hangen, who does their support, for a refund. After all, we had only tested their software and used it for less than 1 day.


“I’ve been messing around with the ignitiondeck framework and theme today, and still have yet to figure out how to get other people to create crowdfunding projects without being in wp-admin that use the platform? I was under the impression that this had this functionality? Am I missing something… seems like only the admin can create kickstarter projects”


“Hey David,

This isn’t something that we offer through IgnitionDeck, but will offer

through our IgnitionDeck Enterprise product:


Some users have been able to hack Gravity Forms or other plugins in order

to create front-end submission, but it does require some PHP/WP knowledge.”


Please refund me as I have no use for then. I have no installed your software anywhere and plan not to do so.

Thanks for the quick response.


Hey David, I apologize, but we don’t offer refunds for digital products. If

a Kickstarter clone is what you’re after, then perhaps a pre-order of

IgnitionDeck Enterprise might be of more value to you:


If you’re interested, I can apply your balance to that product.

Let me know,



It appears that IgnitionDeck sees that there is a major flaw in their development as they are now building an “enterprise” version of that software. The problem is, they are already charging $79 for this software that doesn’t exist. Even more importantly, to customers who are unhappy with this deception, they are referring them to support the new project for $199 more.

I did further investigation, and noticed this thread, with 22 posts in it:


So it does verify the fact that other people have been tricked by this sales deployment.

In all this review wouldn’t have been even created if Igntiondeck offered us a refund, but by declining our request for a refund, as we have no use for their product, we hope to open the eyes of everyone who may be interested, in just reviewing our poor experience.

Things to take out of this:

If your unhappy with a product immediate after purchasing it, take it up with the admin, developer, store owner, etc. If they don’t give you a refund…assuming you have a legitimate reason for one, then write a review, and hope everyone reads it so they can be informed correctly when buying something.


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