Today, the paradigm of social media has shifted more towards marketing ideas and business innovations.  A well executed plan towards managing social media could do wonders to any body’s business with social media becoming more and more popular as an advertising platform. Through social media, organisations can receive real-time feedback from the consumers and further improve their services.  Thus, in today’s world, social media is not simply a fad. It is something more than that.

With the airline sector advancing with the change in technology, dealing with social customers is something that is a future goal of all airline companies. With social networks like Facebook and Twitter which have already set the bar high, airline sector is not far behind by working upon strategies to handle loyalty marketing.

Compared to an average customer, frequent flyers have proved to be very active on social networking sites. Infact, frequent travellers are the ones who are seen online most of the time and are quick to flock to various social media websites. Studies of a recent survey reveal that around 88.3% of the flyers are heavy users of Facebook followed by 71.6% and 37.7% for YouTube and Twitter respectively.  The study further revealed that the number of flyers that follow or tweet about their favourite airline has shown a tremendous increase. Also, one can notice many people liking atleast one of the airlines page on Facebook.

How Social media powers loyalty

Benefits of following an airline on social media sites to flyers

A like or a follow button on social networking site helps everyone to stay update with the upcoming events of their favourite product or brand. Just like that, much to everyone’s notice flyers also have started to follow their favourite airlines through social media to stay updated with news surrounding that airline. One can seek multiple benefits by following these airline websites.

  • To get information about deals and competition.
  • To know the latest news from that particular airline.
  • To pay heed to flight information and announcements
  • To show loyalty towards their favourite airline.
  • To contact an airline.

Factors that push travellers to stick to a single airline

Why most travellers prefer to travel through a particular airline each time they plan a travel depends on the degree of influence the airline has in their lives. While some think that it is to affirm their loyalty towards the airline, I would say it is true to some extent. However, factors also responsible for an affirmative customer loyalty. Some of them have been described below.

  • Hearing for any friend or acquaintance’s personal experience with the airline.
  • Good and tempting deals on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Airline’s ability to promote via social media like videos and ads.
  • Ability to give vouchers and points to customers on deals.
  • Cheaper fares.
  • Good safety and onboard experience.

With internet already revolutionizing our worlds, people have started using the online facilities of booking the flights. A recent survey revealed that at the time of booking a ticket, around 81% of the people are booking their travel through the airline’s actual site and don’t prefer to log on to any other social media like Facebook. Some 14% however prefer visit a travel web before planning a travel followed by 2.5% people who take help from a travel agent.

How to earn loyalty towards an airline?

People nowadays wish to affirm their loyalty to a particular airline for quite a many reasons. A few many may be too happy with their services or a few others may want to do to build a strong business network. A few tips mentioned below can help you do so.

  • Allow check-ins at various locations.
  • Give a positive feedback about the airline.
  • Tweet about the airline to your friends.
  • Recommend it to your family and friends.
  • Contribute ideas to the social networking site of the particular airline.
  • Like or follow the airline on social websites for your friends to see and take notice.

The future of loyalty towards social media is already on a high. With most people taking to social websites to spread their word, the time is not far when almost everything in the world would have gone social.

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