Google+ & Facebook Like WordPress Gallery (Voted Best 2014)

Are you on the lookout for an amazing gallery plugin that looks exactly like Facebook & Google+ galleries? Look no further than our new product: vBSocial Gallery. Our teams loves to shoot two birds with one stone. We have created what we think is the best WordPress gallery to date. Not because of it’s functionality, but because of the user experience it delivers. The most important thing for any blog, website or business. What user says is what you listen to. Expect to hear only great things once you get this plugin on your own blog!

Besides bringing seamless and user friendly experience to the table, you can expect to have integrated social sharing buttons and a choice of three commenting systems to use; WordPress, Disqus or Livefyre, making this gallery plugin for WordPress appealing to more than just one type of a blog.

Infinite scroll? You got it. No longer will you need to jump from page to page, you can now experience fully packed albums without ever having to leave the original page. Pretty awesome, and also fairly rare to spot among the free WordPress gallery plugins.

You are also going to get easy to use widgets that will let you display your galleries from anywhere on your blog. Be it the sidebar or inside of a post, we have thought of it all. You are always welcome to contact the support team to leave a comment or ideas for features you would like to see implement in the future editions. The support is always at your disposal to get in touch and solve problems. Good support means happy customers!

Are you ready to change the way people view galleries on your blog? Head over to the vBSocial Gallery page and find out more about how you can purchase this amazing plugin.

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