Google+ Authorship Plugins for WordPress 2014

Back in the day, you didn’t need to verify anything, everything just had to stick together by itself. There were no ultimate security checks or like we are going to discuss, authorship checks. It was more about the word of mouth than it was about depending on other services to prove your identity.

It of course is not a bad thing, and I myself enjoy the plenty benefits that Google+ authorship brings to the table. Who wouldn’t want to have their photo next to the search results? Google+ authorship study, shows just how important and how effective the Google+ authorship can be.

This is why I decided to put together an updated version of the best Google+ authorship plugins for WordPress in 2014. This year is going to be really big for the search engines, and we can only hope that most of the changes are going to be positive.

Google+ Authorship

It’s not something to be ashamed of, if you don’t know how to setup Google+ authorship by yourself, this is why there have been plenty of plugins designed and developed to help you deal with this problem. Each offer something different from the other, like Google+ badge or +1 buttons. I am giving you a few choices, so its easier to know what you really want.

The vBSocial team understands how important it is to be social and recognized around the. One of the recent additions to our WordPress plugins directory was vBSocial Pages, a Facebook like pages plugin for WordPress.

In the very near future we are going to release a new plugin called vBSocial Newsfeed, which will allow people to see content that you are sharing on your own vBSocial page. This means that the Google+ authorship thing might come in handy, because I’m sure your users will want to have their own dedicated pages that are recognized by Google.

Google Authorship

New Google Authorship Badge and Google Authorship Icon and Authorship Link. Badge and Icon are Recommended by Google. Shortcode and Widget Available. Great if you are operating a theme that can utilize a lot of shortcodes.

Google Plus Authorship

Google Plus Profile Picture appear in Google Search. Integrate Google Plus Profile with WordPress. Make your website come up in Google. Including Google authorship for multiple authors and for wordpress multisite. This plugin is incredibly easy to install:

  • 1. Plugin Installation
  • 2. Enter Google Profile URL in Profile Page
  • 3. Post a link back from Google Plus Profile to Your Current Website
  • Google authorship for multiple authors

    In order to get the little photograph of the author beside articles in the search results, you need to “claim” yourself as the writer of the article by linking to your Google+ profile.

    You can hardcode this for a single author website, but requires more complex hacking for a multiple author website, where each writer should get the credit for the articles they wrote, and lend their personal authority to help boost the pages in the search results.

    WP Google Authorship

    Google Plus Profile Picture appear in Google Search. Very Easy to implement. Just 4 step Process. Including Google authorship for multiple authors. Another great authorship plugin that thousands of WordPress webmasters use.

    It’s all about your theme functionality and settings, some themes might require different plugin settings in order to work, that’s why I’ve given you all the variety in the World.

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