Every tool comes with its pros and cons. Social media being one of the most widely used tools by organizations today too comes with its rules and regulations which when not followed leads to failure of the business and no return of investment of time or money. Here we have listed down a few rules that every business organization must follow in order to achieve success and create their own brand name successfully over the virtual world.

1. Social media is a platform which enables one to connect with our customers, and the customers too take advantage of this and send in regular complaints. One has to keep in mind that if all we do is encourage these complaints and respond to them, that is all one will ever get.

2. Just because social media provides you the ability to communicate with a wide range of people, one does not have to forget the courtesies and manners. Business organizations need to keep track of the language they are using and think before we share.

3. All business organizations that claim that they don’t want to be marketed to, in reality just don’t want to be talked down to.

4. Every business organization needs to keep in mind not to be only money minded, as when these expectations go up, the consumer experience goes down. Consumers are of primary importance and need to be taken care of before anything else as they are the ones who build the market for you.

Golden Rules of Social Media5. There’s no point trying to be clever about posts, instead you have you showcase your talents through the posts and shares you make. This attracts new customers as well as creates a definite place in the market for your brand.

6. Whenever fans or followers share your content without your permission, every organization needs to understand the fact that they have to encourage and probably assist these fans more than taking an offence. At the end of the day, every one on the internet is an influencer.

7. Since the dawn of the digital era, everyone pretty much prefers using internet on their mobiles or portable pads than their desktops. Business organizations need to keep this factor in mind and develop mobile applications which are easier to use and thus will be more utilized by the consumers.

8. Advertisements should be only used to accelerate your successful content and stories. They should be catchy and interesting such that it keeps your current pool of customers hooked to the internet looking for more of them. They are the ones that help your brand outshine the others on these social networking platforms.

9. Paid advertising is the only way to scale up word of mouth. Every organization needs to identify and advertise efficiently in order to increase their customers and hence become a globally recognizable brand.

10. Short relationships between your customers and acquiring new ones can be done by creating contests and conducting sweepstakes on these social media tools.

11. Most business organizations tend to forget that people do not want to shop on sites where they socialize. They can be attracted and made to hover around your brand through these sites, but shopping on them is a major turn off for most of them.

12. Social media alone does not exist in Vacuum. Businesses and organisations have to use both social as well as traditional media tools to advertise and market their products and services, as without one, the other does not really function efficiently.

13. Businesses and companies have to keep in mind that they need to keep updating their posts and pages, as it is of chief importance. Otherwise there’s no point having a page on such socially active sites at all. People hate looking at old posts and thus keep wandering on the internet discovering newer, more exciting posts.

14. One has to know when they have failed or been defeated. If there is not return of investment on your social media marketing technique, it clearly shows that you either need to change your agenda towards it or stop it altogether and come up with a whole new plan.

15. Last but not the least, crisis management is something which many companies forget to plan for. It of integral for any organization, however big or small to have a crisis management or a backup plan in case things don’t work out the way you wanted them to.

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