What is Instagram without followers? It’s like creating something beautiful with only you in mind. Instagram is all about followers and the exposure they give you. Instagram has become one of the go-to websites in modern times for sharing pictures that range from “selfies” to beautiful shots of the streets of Paris.

Recently a lot of companies are trying to release tools for gaining more followers quick and easy, but beware, usually these tools are just means of getting your account details and eventually taking over your account. Either way, Instagram is good at spotting such tools and will ban you for using fake methods anyway.

5 Tips for Getting Instagram Followers

Our tips are legitimate methods that you can start using right away.


You must have a clear goal for your Instagram account, a theme of sorts that will define what you are all about. You need to make it clear what is it that you are sharing photos about. There are two types of accounts, personal and business.

For a business account you will want to stick with posting pictures that relate to your business, not you and your friends having a good time. If people see that you share beautiful photography, they will want to follow only because of that.


Instagram lets you write a tiny piece of description below your name, use this small space to define what you are about. Example: “Nature photographer from California.”

This will let potential followers know what you are about.


Quite obvious, but often overlooked feature is hashtags. People love to browse Instagram for photos, and hashtags is what lets you find the exact photos you want. Don’t be afraid of using 5 or more hashtags per picture.

Reach Out to People

You have to invest time in reaching out to people that are working in your field or niche. If you are an artist it would be a wise idea to follow other artists on Instagram and also leave comments on their pictures. Engage these artists like you would love to be engaged by others. Start discussions and maybe exchange ideas. It’s work, but eventually it is going to pay off.

Avoid Spam

Sharing photos is nice, but sharing too much photos can end up really bad for you. People don’t like spammer accounts that share photos only because they can. In this case think about quantity < quality.

Your Blog

Even though the title says there are going to be only 5 tips, here is a sixth one for you. If you have a website or a blog, which I’m assuming you do – advertise your Instagram account by having a badge somewhere visible. You could also head over to our WordPress plugins page and see what we have to offer that could possible enhance your Instagram experience. Plugins like WordPress social network have proven to increase conversion rates for many of our customers.

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