Free vBulletin Mods

Looking for our free vBulletin mods?

Download dozens of free vBulletin mods at, the #1 leader in free vbulletin 4 mods, free vBulletin 4 themes,  free vBulletin 5 mods and themes. Each free vBulletin mod is a lite version, of a professional and highly supported paid vBulletin mod. The differences in each of the versions are detailed on each free vBulletin mods .xml page. So without further a do, start downloading!

There are hundreds of vBulletin mods, but knowing which free mods are the best can get tricky, especially when you have conflicting advice from websites and other sources.

The top free vBulletin mods are:

1. vBSocial Notifications – The number one free vBulletin modification. It provides friend requests, new notifications and a powerful private messaging system Currently built for vBulletin 3, 4. A vBulletin 5 version is on its’ way.

2. vBSocial Wall – The best wall addition to profiles, vBSocial Wall generates activity on your forums all over the place. Currently built for vBulletin 3, 4. A vBulletin 5 version is on its’ way.

3. vBSocial Slider – The best slider for vBulletin. Similar to Yahoo news in style, but more powerful in terms of engine, vBsocial slider is an excellent free vBulletin mod.

4. vBSocial Ad Share  – The best ad sharing platform to split revenues with your members. Give them motivation to post, and in return a slice of the revenue pie. Win-win for everyone.

5. vBSocial SEO Links – Looking for a free vBulletin SEO plugin that will instantly increase your SEO juice site wide. SEO links provides similar links within posts creating internal value among posts.

6. vBSocial Memberlist – Looking for the best membership plugin for vBulletin 4 and vBulletin 5? Look no further!

These free vBulletin mods also have their respective premium versions in VIP.

Other free vBulletin mods that aren’t part of the vBSocial Suite of Mods:

7. [GlowHost] Spam-O-Matic – Spam Firewall stops forum spam – Every forum needs to block out Spam. I use this spam blocker on all my forums making this a top free vBulletin mod!

8. VSa – Login To User Account – In my opinion, VSa makes darn good mods. similar to his popular Sub Forum manager, I find VSa Login to user accounts very powerful for a free mod. The advantage of being able to logging into other users accounts it to see if you applied proper permissions around the site. You don’t want regular usergroups accessing premium areas. This is a good way to verify.

9.  vBSEO Search Engine XML Sitemap – Google bots pretty much know their way around a site even without a sitemap. However, sitemaps let Google know your site means business. The best forums all have sitemaps.

10. iTrader v2.8 – Powerful Rating System – Everytime I see this free vBulletin mod, I too am surprised. Packed with tons of features, iTrader does what it says, it adds a powerful rating system similar to eBay

11. VSa – Visitors In Last X Hours  – This free vBulletin mod lets your forum members know how many people and which people are viewing your forum. This is pretty much a confidence booster for your forum, saying “Hey guys, there are hundreds of people visiting this forum, its a good forum, so you should join too.”

If your looking for expert advice on building forums, also be sure to look at our vBulletin Resource page!

Those are the top 10 best free vB Mods. Let me know what you think. There are lots of free vBulletin mods over at but you need to make sure you only use ones that you need. The more free mods you use, the more you subject yourself to security vulnerabilities and server de-optimization. Now go build that epic forum, and post your success stories!

Watch the video below on how to install free vBulletin mods: