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Pixel on SMF

A dark-multi-themed forum skin called Pixels, features very light-weight .jpg backgrounds for SEO Purposes and very few images.


Pixel Car Demo;sa=pick;u=1;theme=3;c113863=961be87911a8dc37f2778848c9d2d2c8

Pixel Wood Demo;sa=pick;u=1;theme=4;c113863=961be87911a8dc37f2778848c9d2d2c8

Pixel Wave Demo;sa=pick;u=1;theme=5;c113863=961be87911a8dc37f2778848c9d2d2c8

All background images are free wallpapers and have no copyrights.

Special Thanks to Crip, who motivated me to sit down for 12 hours to put this theme together. I read a post of his somewhere and it inspired me to learn SMF just as he has. I have previously made this theme for vBulletin, however, interestingly enough, I think it came out better on SMF

Please be patient if I’m slow with support, still learning the curve of Simple Machines.

Also please do not remove my footer.


Home Network: Gamers Only.

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  1. Frank says:

    I love this theme! When can we get it and how much?

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