Eventually every website will need to turn into a self sustaining social network. At first we had niche blogs, then we had niche blogs about niches, and now we have got plenty of micro-niche websites that are run by personalities not the topic of choice.

The team at vBSocial believes in this and is very quick and prompt when it comes to developing tools for making the transition easy. One such plugin, WordPress Social Network, has changed the way many webmasters interact with their community members and overall has changed the way others experience blogs.

At first you might think what is the point, it doesn’t add that much value to it, but once you try it out you want to keep it forever.

Facebook Like WordPress Social Network

Dropdown Login

Time saving and very efficient. Save yourself and your users time by enabling quick login function that will be available from the social network bar that the plugin provides.

Private Message Dropdown

Save even more time by having a dropdown messaging system that will let you receive and answer to messages sent from the page you are viewing, updated in real-time.

Global Notifications

A new comment? A new post? You will be instantly notified trough the vBSocial bar. It’s so easy and comfortable to use you will be amazed.

WordPress Social Network

I have to agree with you, it’s not a full-scale social networking system. Ask yourself, how much work have you put into making your website socially attractive? Trying to save time for your users while also improving their browsing experience? It really has become something that can make you stand out from the crowd.

vBulletin + WordPress

Do you happen to own a forum that is powered by vBulletin? You are in great luck, because the WordPress social networking system can be bridged together with vBulletin forums, giving your users a truly – one of a kind experience.

These two plugins have become our standard for building community oriented tools to improve anything from conversion rates to the amount of people joining your community. Are you thinking about becoming an owner of one of our products? Please let us know and we will be more than happy to help 🙂

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