How-To Have Facebook Features on Your WordPress Blog

There isn’t just one reason why one would want to integrate some of the Facebook features on his own blogs. For a start, it makes the user experience much more appealing to people who visit your website, as they will be greeted with familiar design features. Everyone has been on Facebook at least couple of times. When you browse a website for a while, you become extremely used to the design features it carries along.

Big websites work hard to integrate the best possible design features, as determined by web standards. It took years for Facebook to mature and finally look the way it does, the Web 2.0 style. This is why the team at vBSocial is working so hard on delivering to you only the best plugins, plugins that will resonate with something you’ve already experienced – as trying to replicate something by yourself can prove to be harder than it actually looks.

Top 7 Facebook Plugins for WordPress 2014

Start by going to this post and seeing all of the plugins there, you will quickly know which ones you can install on your blog straight away (which ones you already have, and which you don’t). This will help you enormously with getting ready for a full overhaul.

Boost Your SEO With Facebook Pages for WordPress

This is our newest plugin and it’s incredibly robust and functional. It combines together the elements of Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, bringing you the best possible experience to your community. Facebook pages are a great way to build relationships and communities around them – now you can do that directly from your WordPress blog.

Google+ & Facebook Like WordPress Gallery (Voted Best 2014)

And last, but not least, you will want to get yourself this amazing WordPress gallery plugin that is forever going to change the way you share photos and photo albums. Rest assured that no business out there is going to deliver the same quality plugins that vBSocial is currently sharing and publishing to the world.

It’s important to understand just how important social media and the marketing of it is becoming in these times of change. Millions of new websites open every month, but only a few actually are capable of having strategies of their own for the future and the stability of their path.

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