Social media websites have become an integral part of businesses and organizations to engage their audiences, customers, prospect employees and candidates. The advent of the social media usage around the world has enabled several realise that social media can be one of the best opportunities to enhance, bind and expand one’s brands and beliefs. These social media tools vary based on the audience for example, if a company wants to engage a customer, prospective or existing, in an interaction, they generally make use of external social media manifestos which helps reinforcing brand messaging, influence their opinions and help provide targeted offers. While hiring, a company might use the social media platform to reach out to interested employees in a targeted fashion. To engage employees, companies deploy internal social media tools. This enhances collaboration, productivity and employee satisfaction, in turn benefiting the company better. Usage of these social media tools can help generation of ideas, their evaluation and much faster product launches.

Living in the modern age has its perks; one can find multiple solutions to any problem, no matter how vexing or futile. Social media and the web together have started a revolution in connecting one with resources, talent sourcing, building researches on products, employees and many more. Google is a very simple yet effective example to prove this. With more than five billion searches on average per day, it is clearly the most powerful research tool available to one and all. Avoiding social media for a company is like wearing an invisibility cloak in today’s market. To achieve the target goals and success in the real world, one has to expand and avail all the opportunities that the virtual world has to offer. In simple words, you’re building a community of people who follow your brand online. This can help your company reap the maximum benefits possible.

Effectiveness of The Social Media

Evaluating strategies and reaping results

Blueocean Market recently came up with the Social Media Effectiveness Index (SEI) which is an idiosyncratic model designed to calculate the effectiveness of social media usage for different organizations and help them rank the biggies across various categories. Usage of social media proficiently has one chief catch which most entrepreneurs fail to comprehend. Social media is based on capturing people’s emotions, and once a brand achieves it, one can evaluate the impact with the metrics of the business and brand value.

Usage of Social media tools doesn’t end there. One needs to continuously keep examining and revaluating the efforts in order to comprehensively capture the entire breadth of social media use on a global scale. Understanding the statistics and finding out how social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook furl purchase behaviour within the customer community engage more customers is of chief importance. Some companies that mastered these tools and broadcasted their services efficiently include Chevron, Ingram Micro, Honeywell International, Metlife, Walt Disney and several others. These fortune companies have positive scores across many social media dimensions that exhibit the highest potential for leadership in the markets and also influence the customer experiences in a big way.

Understanding all the attributes and features of the social media platform will enable one to acquire the best position to gain control, help brand advocates, provide customer satisfaction, invite prospective customers and retain the existing ones. A viral social media campaign that is able to grab the attention of millions of people across the globe in a short span of time and at very minimal costs is the dream for almost every social entrepreneur and companies. Grabbing attention, focusing, drawing an agenda for engaging customers and acting upon the weaker sections of social media usage to build your brand can help you make your existence in the market worthwhile and bountiful for you and your customers. Social media platforms produce a rippling effect for organizations in every aspect. Companies driven solely by profit can use the platform to reach out to several customers that they never knew they had, and thus increase their revenues by several pounds. But on the other side, promoting social good can be a very useful recruiting and retention tool, thus one can say that the profit and non-profit worlds are merging thanks to social media platforms.

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