This isn’t just the first time that a study has been carried out or published by any website about the use of social networking websites by different age groups. As the world persists to embrace social websites, there is no stopping to the way we use social media to serve our purposes. From socializing to advertising to personal media, social media has everything for everyone.

On a personal level, social media had always fascinated the young generation of our country. They love sites like Facebook which connects them with their friends and helps them keep a tab of each other’s activity. When it came to socializing for business purposes, people chose LinkedIn, which helped them build strong business networks. For entertaining purposes, one doesn’t think twice before changing the sport to sites like YouTube wherein you can watch your favorite videos and songs. A site like Twitter keeps us updated with tweets about all the happening of the globe. In other words, social media fulfills all our purposes.

Staying connected with social media broadens up our approach. It helps us acquire new knowledge about things and develop up a perspective for the same. Social media consultants are everywhere considered a valuable asset to companies and one stands a greater chance of converting their social media obsession into a business. All they need is training to handle social media.

Diversified user base of social networking platforms

Social media penetration by various age groups

Social media has been the fascination of almost everyone, but for a different purpose. We live in an era where the Internet is all around us and things can be purchased with a single click of the mouse. A recent study reveals the detailed statistics of penetration of various social networking websites by different age groups.

  • 16-24 years

This is the category which focuses on the mainly the younger generation including the teenagers. With most teenagers using social websites just for socializing purposes and nothing more than that, Facebook continues to rule their world by registering maximum users within this age group. A few ones in this age group are also the ones who want to keep an eye on the latest news of the world and thus have shown nearly 50% registration on Twitter. This was followed by Pinterest and Google+ with as many as 40 and 20 percent users to their name. However, LinkedIn is not of much interest to people within this age group and managed to register only 15% of the users.

  • 25-34 years

This category is the one which talks off mainly middle aged people who have developed a fondness for socializing. The survey showed that people preferred to spend most of their time Google+ and gain benefits of all the Google services. This was followed by Facebook which registered around 80% users of this age group and Twitter just behind it with as many as 60% registered users in its kitty. Very few people of this age group showed fondness towards a business oriented site like LinkedIn, which unfortunately had only 37% users to its name. Interestingly, an underutilized site like Pinterest managed to generate more than LinkedIn for this age group.

  • 35-44 years

This is an age where a person begins to look for more opportunities in work and profession. With each Google service visit counted as Google+ visit, Google+ showed a whopping rise of nearly 200% in generating users. Mark Zukerberg created Facebook with a dream and thankfully he continues to live this dream with Facebook again showing a maximum of 198% users to its name. This was followed by Twitter which also showed an increase with a figure of 160% users and Pinterest with 150% users followed by LinkedIn with around 135% users.

  • 45-54 years

This is the category of age group where people have a liking towards the current affairs of the world. To fulfil such purposes, they turn to sites like Twitter. This micro-blogging website continues to rule the chart for this age group with around 170% users registered under it. This was followed by Google+, Facebook and Pinterest with around 160, 145 and 138 percent users respectively.

  • 55-64 years

This category showed people following more of Twitter and Google+ with maximum users in this age group.  Facebook followed just after with around 120% users.  LinkedIn and Pinterest came next with 98 and 79% users respectively.

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