Inspired by Digital Point, designed a similar looking theme for all owners. This free vbulletin forum skin can be downloaded from or the forums.

Check out some images below or the demo!

Digital Point Inspiration

Digital Point Inspiration

Demo of Digital Forums Theme for vBulletin

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7 Responses to Digital Point vBulletin Theme

  1. Shaarnyan says:

    I thing current digitalpoint theme compatible with VB 4.0, your skin VB 3.8 compatible?

  2. Dave says:

    No, it’s only vBulletin 4.0 Compatible.

  3. Marp says:

    Hi great skin. I use it on my site. I have a question from a member:

    I use the “TOP” button frequently. It is very handy. When I need to get to the bottom of the page I have to to “swipe” many times to reach the bottom on a page with a lot of posts. This is also something I have to do frequently. Not a problem at home with a mouse but most of the time I’m in here on my phone. It is difficult enough and a bottom button would help. Thanks

    You think it’s possible to add to the template? That would be great as more and more people use phones to access the internet.

  4. Dave says:

    Hey Marp, It’s a possibility, however, this seems more of a modification that you may find at rather than a built in theme customization as it could apply to every theme.

  5. Muhsin says:


    How to download this theme from ? Can you give URL?

  6. Free Ads says:

    That’s fantastic.
    What about compatibility issues?


  7. Paul Counts says:

    This is awesome! Is there anyway to make this theme a different color like a navy blue or a red? I love this format, but wouldn’t want to get in trouble using their exact layout and color scheme. Thanks!

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